Australian sensation becomes culprit for Ex-Mercedes Star’s cheating on wife! Exploring how Valtteri Bottas enjoying life with Tiffany Cromwell now

Former Mercedes F1 driver Valtteri Bottas has recently been in the spotlight due to his relationship with Australian cyclist Tiffany Cromwell. They have been seen out and about together, apparently having a good time when not at the track.

The Finnish F1 driver’s divorce from ex-wife Emilia Pikkarainen was widely reported, and it has been speculated that the reason for the split was Bottas’ infidelity with Cromwell.

Valtteri Bottas


Emilia Pikkarainen is an Olympic swimmer also originating from Finland. The Alfa Romeo driver was together with Emilia for about 10 years, while being married to her from 2016 to 2020. Emilia and Valtteri decided to part ways following the latter’s cheating on his wife with Tiffany Cromwell. 

Despite being in a long term relationship, Bottas could not turn himself away from the Australian cyclist. Following the divorce, Bottas and Cromwell went into a relationship.

The 33 year old had reportedly told his friend, “Not all relationships are meant to last forever,” before the whole cheating scandal blew up in his face. Not long after, reports surfaced in Australian media that Bottas had been seen with Cromwell. They were even caught locking lips in Adelaide. After the story spread like wildfire in Finland, Emilia quickly ended their marriage.

Bottas was even confronted in public by his ex-wife. According to reports, she threw their engagement and wedding rings. Emilia went on to keep their dog, along with other things that came with their marriage, following their separation.

Valtteri Bottas has moved on with his life and his current girlfriend Tiffany Cornwell. The duo are often spotted together, with Bottas spending time in Australia. Tiffany also attends most of Bottas’ races.

Valtteri made his F1 debut with the Williams team in 2013 Australian Grand Prix, where he finished in the 14th place. He joined Alfa Romeo Racing in 2022, and has 67 podium finishes to his name.

Valtteri Bottas

It seems that Valtteri Bottas is enjoying life with his new partner Tiffany Cromwell, and fans will be eagerly watching to see how their relationship develops.


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