Bills QB Josh Allen weighs in on gut-wrenching playoff loss vs Bengals

The Buffalo Bills got knocked out of the NFL divisional round after conceding a humiliating 10-27 defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals last night.

The game between these two sides seems to consistently produce upsets for the Bills, as the previous meeting got canceled after Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field.

Though Hamlin came back to health, the Bills couldn’t get back in the game after conceding a 14-point deficit in the first quarter.

The Bills’ leader and quarterback, Josh Allen, has become severely upset after experiencing back-to-back eliminations from the divisional round.

What did Josh Allen say after the elimination?

The 26-year-old Josh led the team through such a perilous time just to receive such a gut-wrenching result against the same opponent. He couldn’t hold his emotion together in the postgame press conference as he said, “Everything that happened this year is kind of null and void in our minds. It sucks.”

The two-time pro bowler led the team to four consecutive postseason wins but couldn’t capitalize on a single Super Bowl ring. His performance was outstanding as the QB scored 17 touchdowns in 8 appearances and passed for a total of 2,334 yards with a 63.8% completion rate.

All of his efforts, however, were washed away in the face of Bengal’s compact defense. Throughout this season, the Bengals have managed to hold a decent defensive record so far. Naturally, they left no room for Allen and his teammates to compete.

Allen had shown consistency this season as he scored 35 touchdowns and 14 interceptions with 4283 yards of passing at 7.6 yards per attempt. After the game, his raw emotion indicated how much he cared about the welfare of the team and his teammates.

The play’s ill-fated season comes to an end, as they were having difficulty focusing on the play after such trauma. We can surely appreciate the effort from the whole team to entertain us until the very last moment.

What’s your take on Josh Allen’s performance this season? What do you think about his future NFL career? Leave your opinions in the comments.



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