Dani Alves’s wife claims she has lost “two pillars” of her life following husband’s arrest for alleged sexual assault and mother’s death

Dani Alves is facing a trial over an allegation of rape and sexual assault on the eve of New Year 2023 leaving his wife deterred and scrambling as she has now lost two pillars of her life all of a sudden.

As reported by Sportszion earlier, Dani Alves was arrested after an official complaint was lodged by a 23-year-old woman against the former Barcelona man concerning a violating and crappy incident.

According to the writhed, the woman was raped and forced to copulate with the Brazilian while she was in the bathroom and Alves tried to grab her from behind; forced a way into her body with a demand to utter his name as a loud moan.

The incident took place at the Sutton Nightclub in Barcelona, prior to the beginning of a New Year but Alves denied all the allegations and said he was framed very badly.

Sneak peeks inside the Sutton Nightclub in Barcelona. Image Source: Twitter

However, Joana Sanz is backing up his husband while she had never experienced the former Barcelona right-back insulting women and firmly believed the 39 years old is not what the world is showing right now.

“I ask media who are outside my house to please respect my privacy at this moment.”- the 29 years old beautiful lady told the media.

Dani Alves with his wife Joana Sanz. Image Courtesy: Twitter

The couple married in 2017 after Alves found his love in Joana and the couple enjoyed each other’s company as it appeared before. Women however forced their way so many times into Dani, but he was very respectful towards the girls as the wife found it on so many occasions.

Dani Alves signed a deal with the Mexican club Universidad Nacional and the tragic death of his mother-in-law forced him to fly to Spain the miseries are ever present after the shifted to Barcelona, with the club has now terminated his contract as an immediate effect of this ongoing embarrassment. 

“My mother died a week ago and I have barely begun to take on board that she is no longer with me for me to be tormented with the situation of my husband. I have lost the only two pillars in my life.”- Joana Sanz is frustrated.

After initial bail was rejected, the player with the most trophies in the history of football is now spending his days at the Brians 1 prison which is not too far from his old club Barcelona in the Catalan capital.


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