Mexican club Pumas UNAM terminates contract with Dani Alves following sexual assault allegation

Police arrested Dani Alves and put him behind cells in jail near Barcelona after a complaint of rape and molestation was formed by a 23 tears old woman at the Mossos d’Esquadra police station in Les Corts.

On New Year’s dawn, Alves was present at the Sutton Night Club, Barcelona, and forced the 23 years old to stay in the bathroom while holding her from behind, Dani forced her to shout his name was what the woman reported.

Dani Alves declined all the charges except his presence at the club on a particular night and re uttered the fact, he was framed. The former La Liga winner insisted, he didn’t have any clue about the woman as he had never seen her.

However, Pumas UNAM is quick to react to the ongoing issue and immediately terminated the Brazilian’s contract following a short notice press briefing and as long as the question mark attached to this potential rape and sexual assault case, Alves will take part in further no action with them.

“With this decision, the club reiterates its promise not to tolerate acts by any member of our institution that violates the spirit of the institution and its values,” Clubs Board Director President, Leopoldo Silva told during the briefing.

“The Universidad Nacional Club is an institution that promotes respect and integrity and upstanding behavior on and off the field, of its players because they are a role model in society, in Mexico and elsewhere in the world and we cannot allow the conduct of one person to damage our philosophy that has always been exemplary in the training and development of young athletes in our country.”- he further added.

After the court rejected an initial bail order, Police took Dani Alves to the prison near Barcelona and the former Blaugrana man will be served his days there until the final verdict is awarded.


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