Paralyzed Texas Governor severely roasts Cowboys’ PK Brett Maher for missing PAT vs San Francisco at NFL divisional round

The Dallas Cowboys’ placekicker, Brett Maher, has finally gotten the rhythm of his kick off-target, as the kicker missed another extra point again in the last game against the San Francisco 49ers.

The Cowboys lost the game in a low-scoring thriller by a score of 12-19 on Sunday in the divisional round. The game was tightly contested until the last quarter when the 49ers clutched up and took the game away from the cowboys. It seems the Cowboys suffered a couple of unfortunate incidents, like Tony Pollard’s untimely injury and Brett Maher’s missed kick.

During the game against the 49ers, Brett kicked from the 23-yard line, which didn’t have much elevation and was blocked by the opponents. This hilarious attempt made the Texas governor laugh out loud and fall off the wheelchair metaphorically. This was the kicker’s seventh mistake in his career and the fifth in a two-game interval.

What did the governor say regarding Brett Maher’s miss?

The governor, Greg Abbott, didn’t miss the chance to prod the player after his serial missing. He tweeted, “I swear, I can kick as good as the Dallas Cowboys kicker.” In this context, we must consider the 65-year-old politician who is paralyzed and moves in his wheelchair.

Greg became paralyzed after a tragic accident in which a large branch of oak fell right on his waist at the age of 27 and cratered his nervous system from below.

His tweet might feel awkward or even insensitive, but as a disabled politician from Texas, we can surely look over the nature of the statement and take it as dark humor. By doing so, we can also join in on the laugh at the athlete’s absurd misery.

Maher has been a decent placekicker in his career, scoring 128 extra points. From such a veteran long-range converter, we can’t expect such a wild play, even in a wild fantasy.

However, this PAT was not entirely the 33-year-old kicker’s fault; rather, it was an incredible block that barred the Cowboys from making an extra point. The taker, on the other hand, appears to have developed a mental block as a result of his repeated blunder.

What’s your take on Brett Maher’s rough patch of missing? You can leave us a comment with your thoughts.


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