Bills safety Damar Hamlin reveals cardiac arrest details amid intentions of ‘making a comeback’ in NFL

Damar Hamlin, the safety for the Buffalo Bills, has shared intentions of his comeback to the NFL after being cleared for football activity. He suffered a cardiac arrest during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals on January 2, which left him in critical condition for multiple days. However, the 25-year-old has been given the green light to return to the field. Recently, he announced his comeback and also shared the details about his cardiac arrest.

Hamlin shared that he suffered commotio cordis, a rare cause of cardiac arrest that occurs when a blow to the chest strikes a precise spot at the wrong time in the heartbeat. The American Heart Association states that this is the leading cause of death in youth athletes across all sports. The 25-year-old is now using his experience to bring awareness to CPR training and efforts to provide AEDs to youth sports to help save lives.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Hamlin spoke about his comeback and how he plans to motivate himself and others to overcome their circumstances. He talked about his cardiac arrest, “The diagnosis of pretty much what happened to me was basically commotio cordis,” the safety said. 

“It’s a direct blow at a specific point in your heartbeat that causes cardiac arrest, and five-to-seven seconds later, you fall out. That’s pretty much what everyone’s seen on Jan. 2 of this year. Commotio cordis is the leading cause of death in youth athletes across all sports. So that’s something that I personally will be taking a step in to make a change. Also, with that being said, all of the awareness around CPR and access to AEDs have been lowering that number as well.”

What did Damar Hamlin say about his comeback?

Damar Hamlin

He views his return to the NFL as a way to prove to himself that fear is a choice and to inspire others to keep going, even when they don’t know what’s at the end of the tunnel. He’s thankful for every day since his injury and knows that he has more to offer.

The superstar also talked about the importance of persevering and overcoming fear. He reflected on the value of life and the gratitude he feels for his loved ones who supported him through his recovery. He recognized that he has been given a second chance and wanted to use it to make a positive impact on others.

Hamlin is doing that by spreading awareness about CPR. The NFL has also recently announced a partnership with other major sports leagues to help prevent fatal cardiac arrests among high school students. 

Hamlin’s comeback is another example of how athletes can use their experiences to bring awareness to important issues and 


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