“WASHED SPORT”: Dana White gets teased by fans as Arman Tsarukyan gets snubbed to fight Beneil Darisuh at UFC 288 after Charles Oliveira’s withdrawal

Following Charles Oliveira’s withdrawal from UFC 288 for undisclosed reasons, many Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans were disappointed and confused when UFC President Dana White declined to give Arman Tsarukyan a chance to fight Darisuh.

Fans expressed their dissatisfaction with White’s decision on social media. Teasing him and pointing out the recent efforts by the UFC to promote their new WASHED brand. Which focuses on fighters who are no longer in their prime.

Critics of the promotion argue that this focus on past while prime fighters have led to a decline in match quality and a lack of excitement for fans.

His recent tweet proposed a replacement for Charles Oliveira and requested a match against Beneil.


Dariush also addressed Tsarukyan in his interview with “The Schmo.”

“Even before they offered [Oliveira], I said, ‘Hey, Tsarukyan is fighting [Renato Moicano]’ — I didn’t know Moicano was hurt — ‘Why don’t we toss in Tsarukyan into May 6 with me and find somebody else for Moicano?’ and they kind of looked at me [in a shocked expression],” Dariush said, with wide eyes.

Tsarukyan replied to Dariush with a tweet: “Respect to [Dariush] for accepting the fight with me on May 6th. Sucks UFC didn’t want to do it. Hopefully we meet in the future.”

Fans left frustrated after Arman Tsarukyan gets snubbed 

Although Arman has an impressive record of 16-2-0, the UFC apparently did not consider him washed enough. Despite being just 24 years old, Tsarukyan has been making a name for himself in the lightweight division since his debut in 2019.

His most recent victory was against Matt Frevola in July 2021. Meanwhile, Beneil, who has a record of 20-4-1, is ranked sixth in the division. He has won four of his last five fights, with his only loss being against top contender Islam.


The decision to overlook Arman left many fans puzzled, particularly given his recent performances and the shortage of other options in the lightweight division.

Some even suggested that the UFC intentionally avoided giving the emerging star an opportunity to showcase his talents. Critics argue that the WASHED brand is just one of the UFC’s many issues. Including a lack of diversity and a failure to promote young and upcoming fighters.

Despite producing some of the greatest fighters in history, many feel that the promotion has lost its way in recent years. Ultimately, the reason behind the UFC’s choice to deny Tsarukyan a chance to fight Darisuh at UFC 288 remains unclear.

Arman Tsarukyan

Nevertheless, this decision has further highlighted the growing frustration among fans and fighters regarding the promotion’s direction.

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