Breaking: Nikkita lyons hospitalized after surprise assault during WWE NXT

Nikkita Lyons is one of the few names that made their NXT debut last year and quickly rose to prominence. Her rising fame did not last long due to the recent incident at the event. A sneak attack from behind was so deadly that it needed immediate medical attention as quickly as possible. Although there have been no updates on her current condition.

Faith Jefferies, who goes by Nikkita Lyons, made her NXT debut in February 2022.

Even though her WWE debut was two months earlier, on December 31, 2021, she lost her first-ever WWE match to Amari Miller.

Despite that loss, she made a spectacular comeback at NXT. Her most prominent win in wrestling would be against NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose by disqualification. Her sudden rise up the ladder piqued everyone’s interest in her, earning her a second chance in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Earlier at the NXT, the 23-year-old became the victim of a sneak attack. After that, she was seen grabbing her ankle and screaming in pain in the parking lot. On the spot, Indi Hartwell and Lyra Valkyria can be seen lending a helping hand to the victim.

Afterward, a certain source revealed that, during the show, Nikkita Lyons was rushed to a medical facility due to the surprise attack. Her condition is still unknown, but it will be some time before we see the taekwondo practitioner again on the show.

The authorities are looking for an explanation for what happened. They certainly found something on the NXT cameras. The cameras showed Zoey Stark leaving the parking lot in the wake of the incident. The young female wrestling prospect’s tag-team mate abandoned her when she needed her most.

Many are pointing to her previous loss in the NXT Women’s Championship match to Katana Chance and Kayden Carter as the reason for her cruel act. 



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