Brendan Loughnane eliminated from PFL 4 playoffs by Jesus Pinedo with brutal knee kick that stunts last season’s champion: “Huge upset”

Brendan Loughnane has decided not to defend his PFL featherweight title. During PFL 4 in Atlanta on Thursday night, Loughnane headlined the event, facing Jesus Pinedo in a match that would determine a spot in the 2023 playoffs.

Loughnane aimed to secure his place in the playoffs, while Pinedo needed a quick stoppage to have a chance.

Surprisingly, “El Mudo” achieved just that, delivering one of the most significant upsets in PFL history with a knockout in a mere 94 seconds.

Jesus Pinedo beats Brendan Loughnane in round 1 of PFL 2023

Both fighters exhibited aggressive approaches, pressing forward and searching for openings to land their punches. Pinedo found immediate success, displaying constant movement and landing several powerful right hands.

In response, Loughnane attempted to close the distance by getting inside, but it turned out to be a disastrous decision. Jesus capitalized on the opportunity and delivered a stunning knee strike in the clinch, which severely rocked the reigning PFL champion.

Dropping him onto the canvas, Pinedo wasted no time and swiftly followed up with a barrage of hammer fists, resulting in Brendan experiencing the first stoppage loss of his career.

Brendan Loughnane

With this victory, Jesus solidified his place in the 2023 featherweight playoffs, where he is scheduled to face top-seeded Bubba Jenkins.

On the other hand, Loughnane’s defeat means he is now eliminated from the playoffs and will have to wait until next year for a chance to regain the featherweight championship.

MMA specialist claims Pinedo had odds of +2500 to win by R1 KO/TKO

The odds for Jesus winning by a first-round knockout (KO) or technical knockout (TKO) were set at +2500. These odds reflect the bookmakers’ belief that it was highly unlikely for Pinedo to achieve a decisive victory, let alone in the initial round of the fight.

However, in the world of mixed martial arts, which is known for its unpredictability, upsets, and unexpected outcomes are not uncommon. Fighters have consistently surpassed the odds and shattered expectations. Demonstrating their resilience, skill, and ability to finish fights early.

As the fight drew closer, fans and analysts eagerly anticipated the result. Wondering if Pinedo could deliver a memorable performance and secure a remarkable victory.

The odds served as a reminder that within the realm of MMA, anything can happen. Underdogs occasionally rise to the occasion and create unforgettable moments that reverberate throughout the sport’s storied history.

Do you think this match was the biggest MMA upset in recent history? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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