Bucks proactively secure undrafted rookie with two-way contract following 2023 NBA Draft results

Milwaukee Bucks had come prepared to rope in free agents this season. Post the NBA Drafts 2023, the team has been on their toes navigating around the undrafted free agents’ pool. 

The Bucks clearly went into the pool of players with a plan. All the players they selected were 6’6″ and would definitely make amazing assets to the team. They added significant talent into their wing depth, with players like Andre Jackson Jr., Chris Livingston, and of course, Omari Moore. 

Bucks make waves in undrafted free agent market signing Omari Moore

San Jose baller Omari Moore has already been picked by the Bucks, reportedly in a two-way contract. His agent Derek Malloy spoke to ESPN, according to a tweet by Adrian Wojnarowski.

Omari Moore was surprisingly left undrafted, as many predicted him to be a part of the second round. He has played a strong tenure of four years with the San Jose State team, with an average of 11.2 points. He was also the Mountain West Player of this year.

The wing is expected to add the much-required development in the defense of the Bucks. With a 2:1 ratio of assists to turnovers, Moore also looks like a great show as a passer. He possesses great positional flexibility, though he could use some more strength. 

Bucks select Andre Jackson Jr with 36th pick in NBA Draft

The Milwaukee Bucks announced the onboarding of Andre Jackson Jr. through a tweet. The youngster meets several demands of the team quite effortlessly. The Bucks needed wings and defense, coupled with swiftness, and Andre added all of that and more in just one pick. 


However, his downsides include outside shooting and persistent injuries. Throughout his collegiate days, he managed only 29.3% outside shots. But the fact remains that with a tried and tested coach like Adrian Griffin, he is sure to grow and develop even further. 

Needless to say, the Bucks’ have made two extremely quality picks from the pool of free agents this season. With amazing talent and equally good experience, it can potentially be a great season for the Bucks. Given the team’s planning and strategy, if the chosen players translate their games into the NBA, it is surely going to be a delight. 

What do you think about roping big names and rookies? Do both require equal planning in terms of players to be picked? What are your thoughts on the Bucks’ choice of players this season? 



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