“That’s the main goal”: Thunder’s first NBA Draft pick Cason Wallace on adjusting to new life in Oklahoma

“I’m perfectly fine with being in Oklahoma,” stated Cason Wallace emphatically, confirming that he worked out for OKC and that he has previously attended a Thunder home game. Finding a player that perfectly fits the mold of what the franchise needs right now was the primary goal of some teams during Thursday night’s draft.

Amidst all of this acquiring the prospect that best fits the roster, community, and culture was important for Oklahoma City.

Cason Wallace’s take on moving to Oklahoma

Cason Wallace, 6-foot-4 guard from Dallas, Texas, was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night after the team traded its 12th overall pick for Dallas’ 10th overall pick in the draft. Given the upgraded pick, the Thunder were a willing trading partner for the Mavericks, who wanted to get rid of Bertans’ contract.

“It’s hard to put them all in one word,” Wallace spoke of his feelings. “Excited, anxious, there’s a lot more I can’t even name.” “It felt good,” As Wallace heard his name called, he stated, “A sigh of relief.” “Just giving the message out to everybody,” Wallace declared, “that no matter where you come from, if you set your mind to it, you can accomplish it.

“Don’t be ashamed of it. Don’t be ashamed just to tell your story and what you’ve been through.” Wallace was flanked by his parents, cousin, brother, agent, and John Calipari, the head coach of Kentucky.

Cason Wallace and His Rise to the NBA

In the NBA Draft of 2023, one of the top point guards obtainable is none other than Cason Wallace. With a 6′ 8″ wingspan and a height of 6′ 4″, the Kentucky guard is a more than satisfactory size for his position. When he joins the NBA, Wallace will indeed be considered a top-tier point-of-attack defender who can guard a variety of positions and compete on the perimeter against the NBA’s premier talent.

Cason Wallace

During playing for Kentucky, Wallace showed a fierce hustle on defense. Coaches all throughout the league will respect him for his willingness to have an impact on winning outside of the scoreboard. Wallace’s catch-and-shoot skills will likely be used to provide an off-ball scoring threat, and his physicality will enable him to build a downhill game.

The fifteenth and sixteenth picks appear to be safe bets for the defensive guard, according to recent mock drafts from CBS, ESPN, and The Ringer. Cason Wallace does project to have offensive upside from day one, in contrast to some other defensive talents in this year’s selection.


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