Bulldogs welcome UFC HW champ Jon Jones for special visit

A legend from one arena stepping into another is nothing surprising. A similar incident took place when UFC fighter Jon Jones visited a rugby team, but not for a clash but for a meeting of minds and muscles. From throws and takedowns to drills and sprints, a champion shared his experiences, pushing boundaries and inspiring a new generation.

Was it a strategic alliance, a community cause, or a glimpse into a future beyond the ring? Read the article, for this interaction holds more than meets the eye.

Jones leads Q&A and performance challenges

Jon Jones recently made a stop at the Belmore Sports Ground in Australia to host a Q&A session and give a performance for the Bulls NRL squad. In collaboration with Better Breathing Devices and Lifecykel Labs Mushrooms, the UFC Heavyweight Champion hosted the session. Jones was responsible for evaluating the challenges, which aimed to assess the squad’s capacity to think and concentrate in high-pressure situations.

UFC Champion Jon Jones Leads Performance Training Day with Lifecykel Labs and Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs via bnnbreaking
UFC Champion Jon Jones Leads Performance Training Day with Lifecykel Labs and Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs via bnnbreaking

As per the Bulldogs official site, “The challenges consisted of a max effort air dyne sprint (echo bike), push-ups, and sprints, and included measuring lung capacity for the “gas in the tank” challenge (tested via Better Breathing Sport).”

The athletes were divided into four teams to complete the challenges, thus creating an air of friendly camaraderie and competition.

“I had a great time getting to know the Bulldogs today, a very memorable experience,” Jones said.

“They are class act, total gentlemen. It was an awesome experience.”

“I feel like the most impactful part of it (today) was the Q&A, letting them in on the mindset of a champion athlete and I hope something I said today sticks with them.”

Head Coach and CEO Reflect on Jones’ Influence

Bulldogs Head Coach Cameron Ciraldo sees UFC champion Jon Jones’ visit as a valuable learning experience for his players. He points out Jones’ “undisputed heavyweight champion” status, citing his consistent performance and firm determination.

This, according to Ciraldo, translates perfectly to the rugby field, where focus, strength, and resilience under pressure are crucial. He believes the players can “look up to and aspire to learn from” these qualities, suggesting the visit aims to inspire beyond just physical training.

Jones swapped the UFC gloves for Steeden. Picture: Supplied

Bulldogs CEO Aaron Warburton agreed: “It is an honor to have had such an accomplished athlete visit us, here at the home of the Bulldogs. I know I can speak for all of us in saying that there is a lot that our players and staff will take out of the day, learning from his mindset, how he prepares mentally and physically for optimal performance and how he manages to reset when facing adversity.”

Jon Jones has been known to go around and give back to the community in various ways, showing that his in-ring persona remains where it belongs—in the ring. Jones is an extremely talented and hard-working individual who, despite also dealing out severe trash talk, also supports his colleagues in the ring arena.

With all of this in mind, where will Jon Jones go next?


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