Cardiff City denies $80m compensation claim over Nantes’ Emiliano Sala’s death

Amidst recent reports, Cardiff City has come out and denied reports of an $80m compensation claim. According to reports from Sun Sports, the Bluebirds were allegedly seeking a massive payment from Nantes. After securing goalscorer Emiliano Sala in January 2019, the deal was on the verge of completion. 

However, the player met an untimely death due to an aircraft accident. As such, the deal did not happen and the Bluebirds were eventually relegated from the Premier League. In multiple interviews thereafter, Coach Neil Warnock feels that a striker could have seen them over the line. 

As per the Sun’s reports, Cardiff felt that Nantes are responsible for Sala’s passing. Additionally, they feel that since Sala’s death and the Welsh club’s subsequent relegation are Nantes’ fault. The report also mentions the fact that agent Willie McKay, hired by Nantes’ is accountable. 

Tributes to Emiliano Sala at the Cardiff City Stadium on February 8, 2019, in Cardiff, Wales. Emiliano Sala was one of two people who boarded a Piper Malibu private plane, taking the footballer from his previous club Nantes in France to Cardiff City where he was due to begin training with his new team. (Credits: Getty Images)

However, officials from the Welsh club have since ‘rubbished’ the claims and spoken to Sky Sports on the matter. As such, there were also questions regarding whether or not Cardiff is liable to still pay Nantes the transfer fee (£15m) for Sala. Currently, the situation is under review by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). 

Truly, the situation is a unique one and one that we hope no other club ever has to face again. Emiliano Sala was a bright prospect and no doubt would have made an impact on the Premier League. Upon his passing, people from all over the world came together to pay their respects to the player and offer their condolences to the player’s family. 


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