Trevor Bauer files lawsuit against woman who accused him of choking during sex

LA Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer sued the lady who accused him of sexual assault. However, the prosecutor did not file any criminal charge against Bauer. But, Bauer filed a lawsuit on Monday.

Bauer met the lady via social media, and she later alleged that the athlete sexually abused her in 2021. Later she asked for a restraining order against Trevor. But the LA prosecutor did not find sufficient evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

The lawsuit states, “She wanted to destroy Mr. Bauer’s reputation and baseball career, garner attention for herself and extract millions of dollars from Mr. Bauer.” However, Thiagarajah and Marc Garelick, the attorneys for that woman, did not respond immediately.

However, Major League Baseball placed Bauer on administrative leave last July due to the allegation of the joint domestic violence and sexual assault policy of MLB. Although he was on leave, he received a $32 million salary. The leave is extended continuously, and it will expire on Friday.

The woman previously said that Bauer had choked her into unconsciousness and punched her. She also claimed that the athlete had anal sex with her, and he did not seek any consent. However, from the beginning, Bauer continued to say that whatever happened with the woman was consensual. They spent nights together last April at Trevor’s home in Pasadena.

Trevor also said that they had rough sex at her suggestion. They also followed a guideline that they agreed to before performing sexual activity. And each encounter happily ended with joking.

The lawsuit also states that “the damage to Mr. Bauer has been extreme.”

Previously Bauer filed a defamation lawsuit against The Athletic and a former reporter as they created a false narrative about Bauer. The report said that Trevor Bauer fractured the woman’s skull.

Now, the pitcher filed a lawsuit against the women, and we will have to wait a few weeks to see where it goes.


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