CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus mocks NFL ‘script’ accusations with one Super Bowl LVIII rule change

Super Bowl LVIII is just a couple of days away. This year’s edition is expected to be a spectacular game, as the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will duke it out for the Lombardy Trophy on Sunday, February 11, 2024. However, on the brink of the highly anticipated event, controversies have started to surface.

Sean McManus, CBS Sports chairman, sparked controversy by implying prior knowledge of Super Bowl LVIII‘s outcome. This stirred debate amid ongoing conspiracy theories about the NFL being scripted. 

Sean McManus takes sly dig at rigged NFL claims

Sean McManus, as the CBS Sports Chairman, aimed to promote Super Bowl LVIII on his channel and convey that it would be an exceptional edition.

McManus chose to address and subtly ridicule the prevalent conspiracy theories suggesting that NFL games are scripted. He made a sarcastic comment, citing an alleged rule change for the upcoming Super Bowl and stating that it would feature double overtime for the first time ever.

“The NFL has alerted us that, for the first time ever, we will have a double overtime game (in the Super Bowl),” Sean McManus said mockingly. 

The reference to “double overtime” was made considering the rarity of overtime occurrences in Super Bowl history. It seems like McManus is also tired of NFL being scripted rumors and wants to put an end to it. 

The comment, although intended as a joke, went viral on social media platforms where various conspiracy theories about the NFL’s integrity are discussed.

Although Sean McManus commented to mock NFL being scripted theories, if the Super Bowl somehow indeed goes into overtime the idea that the NFL is rigged will become more firm. In such a scenario, critics might interpret it as evidence supporting their belief in scripted outcomes.

What is NFL script?

The NFL script is an assumption made by the fans. Some people believe that the whole NFL season including the coveted Super Bowl games is scripted. 

They believe that since the beginning of the season, everything is preplanned about how the season will unfold and which team will be moved forward to the Super Bowl game.

Super Bowl LVIII is drawing close and the rumors of the outcomes being scripted are also heightened already. This year the conspiracy theories are driven by the presence of Taylor Swift.

Many fans believe that this year the Kansas City Chiefs have qualified for the big game only because the league wanted Taylor Swift to attend the game for more viewership. Recently, it was reported that Taylor Swift’s attendance in the games to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce has helped the league and the Chiefs earn millions and incredibly boasted the NFL ratings. 

Sean McManus
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Therefore, conspiracy theories are circulating that to bring Taylor Swift to Las Vegas the NFL helped the Chiefs reach the Super Bowl game.

But this is nothing new, these rumors have been spreading for years. Even last year when the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl game when there was no Taylor Swift, fans called out the team and league and claimed it was all pre-planned.

The NFL itself has contributed to the mockery of these beliefs by releasing a script earlier in the season and now Sean McManus performed that role.

While the NFL script rumors will continue, the Chiefs and the 49ers have landed in Las Vegas and will play the big game on Feb. 11.

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