Chael Sonnen gets brutally honest on Georges St-Pierre’s “Boxing Phenomenon”

Former UFC superstar Chael Sonnen has recently talked about how good a fighter Georges St-Pierre was, despite people initially thinking he was just a good wrestler. Sonnen paid tribute to the former champion for his well rounded skillset. 

Eugene Bareman is a household name in the MMA community. He is the coach of many high-profile UFC fighters, including tutoring champions like Israel Adesanya, and Alexander Volkanovski.

On a recent interview with Submission Radio Bareman was asked about Islam Makhachev, and Charles Oliveira, and who he thinks is the better fighter. He revealed that he considers Oliveira to be the better fighter as the Brazilian is more well-rounded and offers more threats relative to Makhachev.

Chael Sonnen has touched on the interview. Although Sonne admits that he is big fan of Bareman, he also offers a rebuttal to Bareman’s comments.  “Well-rounded is truly a bizarre statement. If you are a well-rounded guy, it means that you have shown that you are a well-rounded guy. If you’ve shown that you’re a well-rounded guy, that means that you’ve failed at being dominant.”


“When you are a dominant guy, you would not have to show it. If you were dominant guy, you would not have to show that you’re well-rounded.”

Sonnen also touched on Georges St-Pierre to further corroborate his point. He added how George St-Pierre won all of his initial fights with wrestling, but when it was necessary to fight standing up, he was also able to do that. The point Sonnen was trying to make was that George only showed his striking skills only when it was necessary. Thus, he was dominant, but he did not have to  show the masses his skills across all areas.

Georges St-Pierre held titles at both the Welterweight and Middleweight division. He is considered by many as the best fighter to have ever been inside the octagon.

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