Chael Sonnen’s derogatory “Strip your clothes off” remark on Valentina Shevchenko makes UFC fans furious

 Chael Sonnen is probably one of the biggest names in the combat sports world in terms of fight discussions. People don’t always agree with the things he has to say, but his viewer base doesn’t seem to be taking a major hit. His recent comment on Valentina Shevchenko fighting at UFC 285 has enraged some fans but also brought forward a bigger issue with the sport.

What was Chael Sonnen’s comment on Valentina Shevchenko?

Chael had this to say about the reigning champion, “I watched her on Ariel [Helwani’s show] yesterday, and she’s sitting there, you know, like crisscross applesauce. And she’s telling some story- she’s trying to tell like we’re five-year-olds and like she’s the kindergarten teacher.”

“It’s like, girl, strip your clothes off. You got tattoos, supposedly you speak seven languages, man. I’m not even sure if you’ve mastered English, which is speaking to us now,” he continued.

That wasn’t the end of insults, “You are not overly impressive and you’re the co-main event above everything else. What do I give a goddamn what you have to say or how many world championships you have [when] you can’t even close out the night?”

Does the comment on Valentina Shevchenko highlight a bigger problem with the sport?

Since the dawn of modern-day feminism, there has been constant pressure on women to become more like men. They have been thrust into different industries without considering if they are fit for the role or not. UFC president Dana White was against female participation in the UFC at 0ne point.

Then the Ronda Rousey period happened, and now there are numerous female athletes in the organization. Unfortunately, these ladies can not attract anywhere near the numbers that their male counterparts can, which is why they sometimes resort to raunchy means. Chael’s comments may seem disrespectful, but he seems to be talking from a strictly business perspective.

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  1. Haha who’s mad? This is just another “woke” reporter trying to stir some controversy over some comments and thinks he speaks for the MMA fans. Just, stop it. This is ridiculous! Wile your tears and and find another topic to write about. WHO CARES! This is fighting and they trash talk and demean each other all the time. Who cares. Take this white knight defense else where! I’m sure you also write pieces on jokes you find offensive from the biggest comedians. It’s a joke. Get over it and get over this.


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