Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes issues apology for cursing live on TV interview after winning Super Bowl 57

Patrick Mahomes on Sunday led the Kansas City Chiefs to their second Super Bowl win in four years. Mahomes afterward lifted the Vince Lombardi Trophy along with his teammate. However, just after the game ended, Patrick seemed excited and did something on live TV that he should have avoided.

Yet his excitement is justified as the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Not just that, they emerged as victors with an impressive comeback. The Chiefs were down and out as the gave reached the halftime mark. The Eagles were leading the game 24-14. Almost everyone thought that the Eagles had the game in their bags. 

However, Mahomes and his incredible Chiefs proved everyone wrong and became the champions. The winning team is always interviewed just after they emerge as champions, and it was the same case after the Chiefs had won the game.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes lifts the Vince Lombardy Trophy.

Fox Sports reporters rushed to Patrick Mahomes so that he could share his thoughts with his fans. Being excited, Patrick Mahomes used the “F word” while shedding some light on the Chiefs’ performance in the main event of the NFL.

What did Patrick Mahomes say in front of live TV?

Speaking to Fox Sports, Mahomes was not shy in sharing his “inner thoughts” and said, “We played our asses off in that second half. We found a way. I just want to thank everyone. We battled to the f****** end.”

This was quite shocking as the star quarterback of the Chiefs was on live TV. However, Mahomes instantly realized he had made a mistake using the “F word.” So he immediately said, “Sorry for my language,” moments after sharing his thoughts. 

Now that Mahomes has won his second Super Bowl in four years, many people will compare him to the legendary Tom Brady. However, to reach the TB12 level, Mahomes has to go a long way; Patrick knows that for a fact, and he will give it his all so that he does not have “any regrets” after he retires.

Can Mahomes do it? Time will tell. But for now, Mahomes will celebrate his Super Bowl victory. Congratulations, Patrick Mahomes!


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