Chris Jones’ NFL Combine story leaves Travis and Jason Kelce in fits of laughter

The 2024 NFL Scouting Combine has started, where anticipation meets excitement as prospects aim to impress scouts and executives. Amid the quest for athletic prowess, memorable moments can emerge, like Chris Jones’ infamous mishap in 2016. 

Jones, the Chiefs’ defensive tackle, shared with the Kelce brothers how he stole the spotlight of this event not with his skills but due to a wardrobe malfunction. 

Chris Jones leaves Kelce brothers in fits of laughter with NFL Combine story

As the NFL Combine started on Monday, Feb. 26, the New Heights podcast reposted a clip of the Kelce brothers hearing the hilarious story of Chris Jones. 

Jones appeared on the podcast four months ago and talked about his experience at the NFL Combine in 2016, where he faced a wardrobe malfunction.

The incident became particularly hilarious because of the outfit choice Chris Jones made.

“I was so big on being different from everyone,” the defensive tackle told Jason and Travis Kelce. 

Chris Jones
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“Everybody was wearing the f—— long tights. I was like ‘You know what, I am not going out there and copying everybody. Imma wear the short tights.’”

Because of this wrong outfit choice, during his 40-yard dash, his “third leg” made an unexpected appearance on national television.

The Chiefs TE Travis Kelce made fun of Chris Jones, stating, “You had one of the most electric combine moments that’s ever gone on national television.”

The defensive tackle went on explaining what happened, stating, “I didn’t realize they was boxers, bro.”

“Well it made you faster,” Travis replied. 

Jason Kelce, who might go into retirement soon, also made fun of the situation stating, “You tripped over that third leg.”

“That s*** is so f***ing funny,” Travis replied, “We were dying laughing.”

The trio started crying because they were laughing so hard. The Kelce brothers couldn’t talk more about it as they burst into fits of laughter. Despite the embarrassing moment, Chris Jones was fortunate enough that the Chiefs signed him.

Jones is now considered one of the best defensive players in the NFL, as he has won multiple All-Pro selections, made Pro Bowl appearances, and won three Super Bowl victories with the Chiefs. That infamous moment at the NFL Combine has long been overshadowed by the illustrious career of the defensive tackle.

Jones declined dinner invitation from Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

In a recent interview, Chris Jones shared that when Taylor attended the first Chiefs game, she invited him and other players for dinner.

Surprisingly, Chris Jones declined. While it seems impossible that anyone could decline an invitation from a 14-time Grammy winner, Chris Jones did that only because he was feeling tired.

“First time she came, she invited us all to dinner, but I was so tired. It’s like my second game back and I was like I’m exhausted you know; I’m exhausted. I went home and got in bed.”

Chris Jones

The defensive tackle shared that he declined the offer because he was tired and went straight to his house. Another reason he confidently declined the offer was because he knew that Taylor Swift would come around soon.

“I think when she comes this Monday, we’re gonna all go out. So I’m looking forward to it. I know she’ll be back, Travis Kelce, he’s a lovable guy, I know his Swifty moves are gonna get her to come back.”

He humorously said that he knew things would work out between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift and this is exactly what has happened. They are now the most famous couple in the NFL and even their engagement and marriage rumors are on the rise. Chris Jones will have many chances in the future to join the Royal couple for dinner.

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