Colts owner revises stance following backlash over excluding Peyton Manning from Top 5 NFL players list

The debate surrounding the greatest football player of all time sparks passionate discussions among fans, analysts, and NFL personalities. After the recent passing of Hall of Famer Jim Brown, many people have voiced their opinions on who belongs on the list of the best. Amid this ongoing debate, Colts owner Jim Irsay shared his top five players of all time and didn’t include Peyton Manning.

However, his exclusion of Peyton Manning drew significant backlash, particularly from Colts fans. Irsay’s top five list raised eyebrows as he opted for a seemingly objective selection, featuring Jim Brown, Tom Brady, John Elway, Deacon Jones, and Reggie White. 

Fans’ Rage over Peyton Manning’s Exclusion 

Peyton Manning

One Colts fan took to social media, expressing their opinion that Peyton Manning was better and likening him to Jordan in basketball, suggesting that if football were a five-player game, he would be the standout superstar.

Another passionate Colts supporter voiced their disappointment, stating that Manning should have been ranked number one and highlighting the incredible contributions he made to the team. 

In the midst of the backlash, some fans even went as far as proclaiming that Manning should be ranked ahead of Tom Brady.

Revised Stance of the Colts Owner about Peyton Manning

Following the significant backlash and passionate reactions from Colts fans and NFL enthusiasts alike, Jim Irsay reconsidered his stance. The Colts owner took to social media once again, expressing his appreciation for the feedback and engaging with the fans. Irsay acknowledged the greatness of Peyton Manning, Barry Sanders, and Jerry Rice, assuring fans that they were all included in his top ten.

While the Colts owner didn’t disclose any specific changes to his initial list, his willingness to engage with fans and acknowledge their opinions showcased his openness to reconsideration.

Peyton Manning

This gesture resonated with the fan base and helped ease some of the tensions arising from the initial exclusion of Manning.

The debate over the greatest football player of all time is an ongoing discussion that may never reach a definitive conclusion. Personal opinions will always differ, and rankings will fluctuate depending on individual perspectives. What remains important is the love for the game and the shared appreciation of the incredible talents that have graced the NFL throughout its long and storied history.

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