Ex-NFL legend Tom Brady delivers motivational speech to promising rookie QBs, explains draft position holds no significance

The reign of dominance of the NFL GOAT Tom Brady on the football field is already over. However, the future Hall of Famer wanted to share his tactics with rookie players who were just beginning their NFL careers, and four quarterbacks were given this huge opportunity.

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady to mirror greatness in first playoff meeting of storied NFL careers | NFL News | Sky Sports

The former Giants player is the first player in NFL history to win titles in three different decades, the first quarterback to start a Super Bowl victory for a team from both conferences and the first player to win multiple championships after turning 40.

What did Tom Brady say to the four rookie quarterbacks regarding their impending NFL journey?

On the first day of NFLPA rookie events in LA, Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and Will Levis had a fantastic opportunity to meet Brady. To discuss entrepreneurship and brand building, they joined Tom Terrific, Travis Scott, and Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin for lunch at Rubin’s home.

The 45-year-old provided each QB with a number of crucial pieces of information as he is aware that every player usually has a unique motivation and purpose. 

The Tennessee Titans picked quarterback Levis in Round 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft with the No. 33 overall pick and obviously it took much longer than most anticipated. Brady tries to convince the young star that it is not a big deal since many later-drafted players ended up being more successful than the earlier-drafted players.

“Going in the second round. In the end, that’s not really that big of a deal,” Brady told Levis.

After encouraging the Titans’ rookie quarterback, the ex-NFL player switched the topic to Young, who was chosen first overall by the Carolina Panthers in the 2023 NFL Draft.

By referencing his seven Super Bowls and becoming the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards, attempts, and touchdown passes in both the regular season and the playoffs, Brady showed them that despite being selected 199th overall, he simply surpassed everyone.

“Going first overall in the end, it’s not a big deal,” Brady said. “It’s great! You got an opportunity. You’re probably going to be paid more than anyone for a time period. But I was drafted 199 and I just outlasted everybody. There’s another me back there. So how do I keep my edge on everybody? I had to keep working. I didn’t go, ‘Hey, I’m good. I won three Super Bowls, I’m good.”

Tom Brady

Every list we used for the greatest quarterbacks ever, regardless of whether he had won the Super Bowl or broken other records, placed the minority owner of the Las Vegas Aces at or near the top. Therefore, each and every piece of advice he gave these four rookie quarterbacks should serve as a great source of guidance and inspiration.


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