Commanders’ owner Josh Harris lands subtle warning to HC Ron Rivera while praising him for reigniting the team’s spirit

The Washington Commanders have Ron Rivera, one of the most talented coaches in the league. Rivera has been the head coach of the team since 2020 and is now entering his fourth season as HC for the Commanders. 

The new owner of the team, Josh Harris recently praised Rivera for his leadership and team improvement since taking over. But Harris also gave him a subtle warning ahead of their first game. 

What did Commanders’ owner say about Ron Rivera?

Josh Harris talked about Ron Rivera in a recent interview stating that he has helped the Commanders improve a lot. 

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Coach Rivera. He’s a good man. He’s done a great job getting the team to where it is relative to where it was when he got that.”

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But he emphasized that his coaching will be proved good only when the regular season starts.

“We’ve said, ‘We’re getting up to speed. We want to hear how you think, we want to learn how you make decisions.’ And it’s going really well. Everyone who coaches an NFL team or an NBA team, and us as owners, … we all realize that ultimately we have to deliver wins on the field, so you don’t really need to say anything. It’s just out there. But so far, so good.”

Harris knows that this is a results-driven league. The wins in the coming games will prove whether Rivera has done a good job coaching the Commanders.

During the preseason, the HC had ample time to evaluate the players. So, we hope he had made the right decisions while choosing the 53-player roster. Josh Harris shared that he had left this whole responsibility to the coach. He said, “You want professionals picking the players.” 

Therefore, Harris let the HC decide which players he wanted to keep on the final team. If the players don’t perform well, Rivera will be questionable as he was the one sorting out the roster of the Commanders.

Which team are the Commanders going to face in their NFL opener

The Washington Commanders are going to kick-off the season against the Arizona Cardinals. They’ll host the Cardinals this weekend. The pressure will be very high as it is their first game of the regular season. 


Ron Rivera has chosen Sam Howell as the starting quarterback of the team. Hopefully the young quarterback will not let down the coach and his expectations. 

On the other hand, the Arizona Cardinals didn’t look that good during the preseason. They are without quarterback Kyle Murray. So, they’ll play with Josh Dobbs or Clayton Tune, under the leadership of first-year head coach, Jonathan Gannon

So far, the Commanders look stronger than the Cardinals. But as Josh Harris said, only the real match will tell which team is stronger and whether Ron Rivera did a good job coaching the Commanders.

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