Months after $304 million contract, Jaylen Brown’s Celtics loyalty receives high praise from NBA GM

Jaylen Brown is an American basketball star, who plays for the Boston Celtics. He signed a lucrative $304 million contract extension to continue his stint with the Celtics earlier this year.

His stellar on-court performances earned him the supermax extension, which is the richest contract signed till date in NBA history. Now the small forward has recently received high praise from the NBA GM, who feels Jaylem Brown deserved the supermax extension.

NBA GM hails Jaylen Brown’s commitment

It is not every day that we see an NBA player sign a contract worth over $300 million. Many people, including one NBA General Manager hailed Jaylen Brown’s commitment and choice to dedicate his career to the Boston Celtics. The Eastern Conference general manager who remains anonymous told Heavy Sports that Brown’s new contract is justified given his dedication to the team.

Jaylen Brown

The GM said, “If Boston didn’t have the kind of team that could win now, you might have to think twice about what you offer a Jaylen Brown. But from everything we’ve seen about him and know, he’s not the kind of person you have to worry about. It looks like he’s invested in the team and not just his stats. That’s more important than people realize when it comes to how a guy’s new contract sits with the rest of the guys in the room.”

This statement pretty much sums up what most fans and experts feel. Brown’s commitment to the Celtics goes beyond just making money; you can see it in the way he plays every game. Hence, to stand a chance to win the NBA championship again, the Celtics had to tie him down with that lucrative deal.

Brown agreed to supermax Celtics contract

Earlier this summer, Jaylen Brown made the headlines when he signed a supermax deal to extend his stay with the Boston Celtics worth $288.2 million over five years. Last season, Brown averaged 26.6 points and 49% shooting, both career highs. In the last year of his current contract, he will earn $31.8 million next season.

When the contract begins in the 2024–25 season, Brown will be paid $52.3 million. In 2028–29, Brown will be make $69.1 million in base salary. Brown may not be among the top-five wings in the NBA, but he is one of the best scorers in the league and a genuine three-level threat. This means Jaylen Brown is capable of scoring from close to the hoop, from mid-range distances, and from three-point range, making him a versatile and effective scorer.

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