Jaylen Brown Supermax contract to dethrone Nikola Jokic: Revealing the biggest NBA contracts of all-time

According to recent rumors, a contract extension of Jaylen Brown with the Boston Celtics is quite conceivable, and negotiations are currently taking place for a deal that might end up being the biggest in NBA history. Adrian Wojnarowski, an ESPN insider, gave an update on the discussions and clarified where they stand right now.

Wojnarowski claims that although contract negotiations, by all means, between Brown and the Celtics are still ongoing. They might take even longer to conclude. Regarding the agreement, Brown and his agency have spoken with Brad Stevens, the president of the Celtics.

Association event halts Jaylen Brown contract renewal worth $304 million

According to The Boston Globe’s A. Himmelsbach, the star wing Jaylen “The Batman” Brown and Boston Celtics have for the moment suspended their extension negotiations. The National Basketball Players Association vice president Brown will be attending an NBPA event in another country, which will limit his ability to communicate with his team while he is away.

This indicates that it is unlikely that the parties will soon come to an agreement on a contract extension. It is altogether important to highly emphasize that there are no issues or obstacles in the negotiations behind this break. Based on reports, Brown will receive the five-year, $295 million supermax extension from the Celtics.

According to Himmelsbach, the only significant obstacle appears to be Brown’s alleged demand for a fifth-year player option in his contract. Beyond that, negotiations have been moving forward, and both parties are hopeful that an agreement will finally be reached. “It’s been all good discussion,” Stevens stated. “I probably shouldn’t say anything else, but I feel optimistic.”

The precise day that Jaylen will return to the United States is unknown. Nonetheless, the fact that he and the Celtics seem to be moving forward indicates that a contract extension will likely happen, even if it does so later than many fans had hoped. In his upcoming contract, Brown could very well receive a five-year deal costing up to a whopping $304 million.

Biggest NBA contracts of all-time

Two NBA players signed contracts are totaling more than $2 billion this summer. As evidence of the NBA’s growing earnings trend, 10 individual players will make more than $40 million this season alone, and 41 more will make more than $30 million.

Does it mean Stephen Curry is automatically a member of the $250 million deal club now that he is almost certainly going to be the highest-earning player in the Association for the foreseeable future? It’s interesting to note that despite being the first player in NBA history to sign two contracts totaling more than $200 million, he has never earned a quarter of a billion dollars.

Jaylen Brown

In light of this, let’s compile a list of the largest NBA contracts in the League’s history, beginning with a very special, slightly squishy Serbian man and a spectacular St. Louis scorer.

Nuggets C Nikola Jokić: $270 MiIlion

The extension for Jokic is the most expensive contract in NBA history, both in terms of overall value and average annual value.

Wizards SG Bradley Beal: $251 Million

The Wizards guard is happy to remain in Washington thanks to a nearly record-breaking contract that puts him in the quarter-billion-dollar club.

Milwaukee Bucks Power Forward  Giannis Antetokounmpo: $228 Million

In 2020, Antetokounmpo and the Bucks agreed to a five-year, $228 million supermax deal.

Suns SG Devin Booker: $224 Million

With the Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker extended his deal in 2018 for a maximum of five years and $158,253,000. He became the highest-paid player in Suns history at the time because of this contract.

Timberwolves PF Karl-Anthony Towns: $224 Million

KAT, who is only 26 years old, receives a third contract that is fully maxed out and covers 35% of the NBA salary cap, a unique distinction that is only granted to the league’s highest-achieving players.

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