One franchise attempting to convince Tom Brady to come out of retirement for 2023 NFL Season: “It could happen”

Throughout his 23 spring in the NFL field with the Patriots and the Bucs, former quarterback Tom Brady had cemented his place as one man army for them. After giving the Patriots their record six-time Super Bowl, the guy led the Bucs team to satisfy Super Bowl hunger after 30 years.

Brady has already made up his mind and announced his retirement. Yet, many football fans cherish a latent hope to see the seven-time Super Bowl again on the field. Among them, Antonie Winfield is one who, till now, sees a ray of hope in this regard.

Bucs’ S Antoine Winfield claims the team wants Tom Brady to return to NFL

The Bucs welcomed the former Patriots to bolster their defense while he was going to end his career in 2020. The 45-year-old responded to their request and remained with them for three seasons, offering them one Super Bowl title. 

Nevertheless, the former Bucs player then released an official statement on February 1, 2023, to say goodbye to the NFL field “forever”. In the statement, TB12 also hinted to focus on his business and strengthening his family bonding to which he was able to pay a little concern.

“The future is exciting. I‘m fortunate to have cofounded incredible companies like, @bradybrand, @tb12sports that I am excited to continue to help build and grow, but exactly what my days will look like will be a work-in-progress. As I said earlier, I am going to take it day by day. I know for sure I want to spend a lot of time giving to others and trying to enrich other people’s lives, just as so many have done for me.”

Bucs Winfield: 'I'm Sure Team Is Still Reaching Out To Tom Brady'

The door of hope seemingly closed that day, albeit many NFL fans and players still wished for an astonishing comeback for the superstar. The Bucs player Antonie, who spent two seasons with the former Bucs’ starter, recently ignited the hope. 

The safety revealed that the Buccaneers team is still in a contract to retain Tom Terrific in their squad. Though Brady is straightforward in his decision till now, Winfield regards the situation can change and anything is possible through the passage of time.

“I’m sure we’re still reaching out to him trying to see if he’s trying to come back to the team. Hey, it could happen. Anything’s possible.”

Brady has repeatedly denied his comeback to NFL

Since his retirement, there has been plenty of debate about whether the former Buccaneers player will ever again put on an NFL uniform. It is because of his potential return with the Buccaneers after deciding to leave the NFL after 40 days with the Patriots.

However, he seems adamant about his decision and moved clearly to the next phase of his life. While encountering questions regarding his comeback, the legendary player boldly denied it with his utter irritation for facing the question frequently.

Tom Brady: Buccaneers release first photos of QB in new uniform

“I’m certain I’m not playing again,” he said. “So I’ve tried to make that clear and I hate to continue to profess that because I’ve already told people that lots of times.”

Following his reigning era, the Bucs team is now at a loss on deciding the starter for them. Till now, Tom’s comeback is a mere dream for the Bucs. Nevertheless, expecting him to hold the Buccaneer’s leadership again is not a joke, As Tom Brady remained a team-first mentality player throughout his whole career.




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