NFL legend Tom Brady sticks to rigorous NFL diet in retirement, shunning alcohol and nitrate-rich veggies: “My body is very important”

Tom Brady, known by many as the NFL GOAT has a very famous diet known as TB12 that he has strictly followed during his football career. Now that he is retired from the NFL, many fans were expecting him to abandon that strict diet routine as well.

However, in a recent interview, Brady shared that he still follows his diet routine and will do so throughout his life. Even in retirement, he is adamant to take care of his fitness and well-being. According to him, his diet boosts energy and helps him maintain his body in good shape.

Brady’s legendary diet endures even in retirement

Tom Brady

In a recent interview, the former NFL quarterback emphasized the importance of his diet, “I think what I put in my body is very important.”

Brady has a reputation for avoiding certain dietary categories, such as white sugar, dairy, white wheat, iodized salt, and caffeine. He has infamously shunned foods like strawberries and nightshade vegetables.

He shared that he is determined to have an active lifestyle which motivates him to maintain a similar diet even in retirement. Brady also added that during his NFL career, he has developed many good habits that he is not ready to abandon yet,

“I’ve developed so many healthy habits, I just want to stick with them.”

Throughout his NFL career, he has prioritized his lifestyle and body. By not leaving his healthy habits and sticking to his diet, the former NFL quarterback wants to remain active even after retirement. 

What foods does Tom Brady not eat?

Tom Brady

The former NFL quarterback has a strict diet which is a high-protein, plant-based eating plan and eliminates various food groups and ingredients. His diet is famous and known as TB12

It doesn’t contain things like gluten, dairy, maize, soy, MSG, coffee, alcohol, GMOs, sugar, or foods that have been highly processed. Some fruits, vegetables, and oils are off-limits, including nightshades.

The diet has rigorous guidelines, but it is nutrient-dense and intended to reduce or eliminate specific items that, in Brady’s opinion, might induce inflammation. The former NFL quarterback asserts that his diet improves recuperation time, bone health, athletic performance, and energy levels.

Tom’s decision to not quit his healthy habits even after his NFL career has ended once again shows why he is considered by many to be the GOAT. He has set a good example for others to prioritize their body and health and to stay determined and active.

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