Ex-Cowboys star offers glowing praise for QB Dak Prescott following former NFL WR’s brutal dig: “Best leader I’ve ever been around”

The Cowboys’ starting quarterback for the past seven seasons in the NFL, Dak Prescott has left his mark with his dazzling, god-given athletic prowess and seems to be steadily establishing himself as a potential candidate who could have a significant impact on the team’s upcoming offseasons.

The former Mississippi State quarterback, however, has degrees in workforce leadership and psychology, which have given him the necessary skills to apply those in the field, and he seemingly has made every effort to do so as the former Cowboys OC Kellen Moore recently claimed amid a negative remark about him from an ex-NFL star.

Kellen Moore hails Dak Prescott’s leadership

The Charger’s offensive coordinator and the Cowboys’ quarterback had developed a bond that began as teammates and quickly came up with a coach-player partnership, albeit regrettably, Dallas released Moore in January after four seasons. He recently appeared with Peter Schrager on an episode of The Season, sharing some of his memories from his time in Dallas and featuring Prescott as the best leader.

The 34-year-old said the quarterback astounded him with his all-around ability to lead a team in a balanced manner and solve all the issues in such a way that no one could even think of them.

Why ex-Cowboys OC Kellen Moore considers Dak Prescott the 'best leader' he's been around

“The best person. I think the best leader I’ve ever been around, easily. And in all honesty, player or coach or anything. His ability to connect with a team in all spectrums is rare and I’ve never seen it in any other way,” he said.

“His work ethic, his command, I think he’s incredible. We’ve all been through that Dallas journey and he has a phenomenal way of being able to deal with probably more than your average NFL starting quarterback. And he handles it beautifully. He’s certainly a guy you forever root for,” he added.

Burress doubts Prescott’s Championship potential

During a recent episode of FS1’s The Carton Show, the former NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress took a subtle jab at Prescott saying, “You put him on. He’s still Dak Prescott.”

Carton, Burress, and Texans wide receiver Noah Brown were discussing if the rookie QB C.J. Stroud can outperform the 29-year-old QB, and the host chimed in saying, “But he gets a little extra bump because ‘cause he’s on the Cowboys.”

Plaxico agreed to the comment saying, “Yes because he’s on the Cowboys. But I believe he’s reached his ceiling as a quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys.”

Carton later asked if the ex-NFL star believes the Cowboys can win with the former Mississippi State standout. The 14-year NFL veteran didn’t mince his words and said Dallas would not get a Lombardi trophy with their present QB,

“They can win. But they can’t win a championship with him.”

Dak witnessed a downturn in his career in 2022 after finishing the regular season with 2,860 yards along with 23 touchdowns, however, the football star’s leadership has been tested over the years, and he has pretty consistently risen to the occasion.

As the upcoming NFL season approaches, it remains to be seen if Prescott can bounce back stronger in the league and continue to showcase his exemplary leadership both on and off the field.


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