Weeks after swerving NFL with Coors Beer ad, Patrick Mahomes endorses Walmart: Examining the Chiefs ace’s commercial success

After winning two Lombardi trophies in the last four years, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is currently holding the spot of the biggest NFL star. Coors Light didn’t shy away to ask out the veteran star to join hands with them to drive his fanbase in their favor.

Though the league strictly banned all the active players to endorse beer, Coors seemingly didn’t care about the red flag and instead, came up with some innovative ideas to promote alcohol. The NFL put many restrictions regarding the promotion of any beer company, albeit they have recently relaxed some regulations to allow the players and companies to use the image of athletes for their commercials.

Patrick Mahomes swerved NFL beer promotion policies with the witty commercial

In Coors’ minute-long ad, Pat was seen enjoying the company of a Coors ‘bear’. They shared bromance by golfing, watching TV, spending time at the beach, or hanging out with buddies. The two-time MVP was seen driving home at the end of the ad, with a cool line saying, “Coors Light Bear. The world’s most refreshing bear.”

The 27-year-old escaped from violating the NFL rule by not talking about the brand directly. Instead, he indirectly promoted the company by taking the name of his new best friend: The Coors Light Bear.

The football prodigy also promoted the beer brand on social media with photos “showing off branded golf cleats, a Coors Light onesie, and a brand-inspired birthday cake”, per Marketing Dive. He was even seen drinking the Coor beer at the Super Bowl parade and at The Match back in 2022.

How much does Mahomes make off endorsement deals?

Pat has recently joined hands with Walmart in their new digital-first shopping experience initiative. The company provided its customers a unique way to connect with their favorite celebrities and shop customized shopping carts filled with their most-loved picks from the store.

Patrick Mahomes

The five-time Pro Bowler along with Becky G and Barbie were asked to pick their favorite things from Walmart and curated carts for some of their enjoying moments. The QB selected dog treats for his two dogs and a 12-pack of golf balls.

According to Forbes, the NFL QB earn $20 million from his endorsement deals. He signed endorsements with multiple companies including DirectTV, Hunt, State Farm, Hy-Vee, Oakley, Essentia Water, Adidas, and Head & Shoulders. He is set to earn nearly $7 million per year in addition to his official salary, per Sportkeeda.

Mahomes has taken himself to a great height at such young age. With his unwavering effort on the field and off-field multiple endorsements, he is surely going to be an idol for many fans in the future.


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