Carl Froch reignites old feud with Conor McGregor, slams ex-UFC champ’s $600M whiskey company

In an ongoing dispute, Conor McGregor’s Proper No. Twelve Irish whiskey was criticized by former super-middleweight boxing champion Carl Froch, who stated it “tastes like s**t.” On social media, Froch and McGregor have engaged in verbal sparring. Froch has refuted McGregor’s assertion that he simultaneously defeated George Groves and him in an MMA match.

Froch mocked the whiskey’s flavor while praising McGregor for his economic empire. In the meantime, McGregor and his business partners recently sold Proximo Spirits their controlling ownership in Proper No. Twelve for up to $600 million while ‘Notorious’ continued to maintain some of his influence.

Carl Froch rips Conor McGregor

Carl Froch has recently targeted Conor McGregor again, making critical remarks about the UFC fighter. Froch’s role as a commentator for McGregor’s eagerly awaited boxing battle against Floyd Mayweather in 2017 marked the start of their conflict. The Cobra was forthright in his criticism of McGregor‘s trash-talking and denigration of his boxing prowess, saying that a fight with him would be worse than Mayweather’s defeat of McGregor.

Froch not only questioned McGregor’s fighting skills but also his business endeavors, specifically Proper No. Twelve whiskey. He indicated that the whiskey wasn’t favorably accepted by many people and cast doubt on its quality. Additionally, Froch voiced worry about McGregor’s financial choices and hoped the Irishman wasn’t wasting his hard-earned cash.

Despite recognizing the accomplishments and monetary success of McGregor, Froch didn’t shy away from the possibility of a crossover bout between the two. He said that even though he has retired from professional boxing, he would be open to taking a fight against McGregor if there was enough demand.

How much is Conor McGregor’s whiskey company worth?

Proper No. Twelve, Conor McGregor’s whiskey company, was sold for an astounding $600 million. Becle, a beverage firm, initially bought a 49% share in the business back in 2018 and recently exercised their option to buy a majority holding, giving them a 51% controlling stake in McGregor’s whiskey operations. Conor McGregor reportedly doubled his net worth as a result of this business deal, increasing his wealth by almost $156 million USD (or £112 million).

 Conor McGregor

Notorious has asserted that the deal is even worth more, claiming that it will ultimately be valued at over $700 million in the upcoming years. According to his remark, the sale of Proper No. Twelve whiskey might dramatically boost his net worth and bring him closer to the billionaire status.

His net worth is already thought to range from $250 million to $415 million, thanks to his numerous business endeavors, successful fighting career, and high-profile sponsorship deals. Proper No. Twelve’s enormous sales have increased his financial success and brought him one step closer to becoming a billionaire.


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