UFC icon Conor McGregor exposed for allegedly spending $20,000 on botched hair transplant by licensed hair professional

Conor McGregor, the renowned UFC superstar, has accumulated substantial wealth throughout his career. He has frequently appeared to be enjoying the luxuries of life, including a lavish yacht and exquisite timepieces.

Nevertheless, his carefully guarded secret of undergoing a hair transplant was revealed by a certified expert on YouTube. This revelation caught fans off guard, as they were unaware of McGregor’s receding hairline.

According to the expert, Conor’s choice of treatment center for his hair transplant was not optimal. The expert believes that there were superior options available, as the results of McGregor’s new hair transplant were underwhelming.


Conor McGregor accused of spending $20,000 on botched hair transplant

McGregor’s 2023 has been quite challenging, marked by a disappointing record in the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter, where he experienced back-to-back losses.

Additionally, he faced trouble due to allegations surrounding a sexual assault scandal in Miami. Furthermore, Conor failed to register with the USADA to participate in competitions throughout 2023.

Adding to the series of events, a hair expert took to YouTube to produce a video discussing Conor’s unsuccessful hair transplant.

The expert said, “Spending 20000 on a hair transplant will not guarantee you the best results. That is the amount of money Conor McGregor likely paid for his new hair. It looks the opposite of what you would expect. His new hairline has low density, and the hair can be seen-through.”

“The naturalness on the temporal sides is lagging. New follicles have the wrong directions. Just because you have a lot of money doesn’t mean that you get to choose the clinic for your hair type and expectations,” he added.

Conor McGregor speaking at an interview

What ridiculously expensive items do MMA fighters spend their money on?

Throughout his meteoric rise to mainstream superstardom, McGregor indulged in the purchase of numerous extravagant suits. Whenever he attends press conferences or gives interviews, the former two-division champion is almost consistently attired in meticulously tailored, custom-made suits.

A charismatic showman by nature, Conor’s sartorial choices further help him stand out within the sport. Recognized as ‘The Notorious,’ McGregor is renowned for his impressive assortment of high-end luxury watches from renowned brands.

Whether making public appearances or engaging in casual activities, the former two-division champion often adorns himself with these exquisite timepieces, adding an extra touch of opulence to his ensemble.

Beyond his accomplishments as a former UFC champion, Conor possesses a deep passion for luxury automobiles, earning him the title of a car aficionado. So far, he has amassed an enviable collection of lavish cars that carry exorbitant price tags, making them unattainable for the average person.

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