After two years away from UFC, Conor McGregor brutally drops his TUF 31 teammate ahead of potential Michael Chandler bout

In a recent episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Conor McGregor delivered a devastating body shot that caused his teammate Landon Quinones to fall to the canvas. The intense moment occurred just days before McGregor’s crucial fight, where he aimed to secure a UFC contract for his team.

As the coach of his team, Conor has experienced an unprecedented losing streak, with his fighters suffering seven consecutive defeats. This remarkable outcome has raised doubts in the mind of many regarding the future of the show as it progresses into the semi-finals.


It is possible that McGregor’s participation in a sparring session earlier in the week’s episode may have contributed to his teammate’s swift defeat.

Conor McGregor viciously drops TUF 31 teammate Landon Quinones in sparring

Following a previous altercation with Michael, Conor acknowledged the need to maintain composure. However, during a supposedly light sparring session with Landon Quinones, things took a different turn.

McGregor, while initially demonstrating a technique to the body, gradually increased the intensity and delivered a powerful body kick that caused Quinones to drop to the ground.

Although Quinones expressed a desire to stop due to the impact, Conor encouraged him to continue despite the potential for injury. Surprisingly, the lightweight prospect viewed the intense sparring session as a valuable experience, describing it as a “blessing.”

He emphasized that he learned a great deal from engaging in a challenging round with a legend of the sport like McGregor. “I finally got to go with Conor,” he told the camera.

“He hit me with a left body kick right in my liver that kind of shut me down for a minute. When that happened I felt like I learned more in that round than I did in a lot of rounds in my career and I feel like I’m going to take that with me, the way I train is going to be so much different,” he added.

Despite Quinones’ efforts to bring the fight to the ground with a well-executed double-leg takedown, he inadvertently found himself in Knight’s guard.

Exploiting his experience, Knight swiftly transitioned and locked in a triangle choke submission, stunning Quinones and ending the fight in the opening round. This marked yet another impressive first-round finish for Team Chandler, highlighting Knight’s skill and proficiency on the ground.

Conor McGregor pushed Michael Chandler’s face during TUF 31

Michael found himself taken aback when Conor made physical contact with him.

During Episode 6 of “The Ultimate Fighter 31,” McGregor used both hands to push Michael, targeting his throat and face. The incident occurred following Team Chandler’s Kurt Holobaugh’s surprising submission victory over Conor’s teammate and promising prospect Lee Hammond.

Devastated by Hammond’s defeat, McGregor seemingly became overwhelmed with frustration, directing his anger towards Michael, who was celebrating the win.

The confrontation escalated as the two confronted each other in the center of the octagon, leading to Conor forcefully shoving Chandler in an aggressive manner.

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