Josh Harris projects doubling of revenue for Commanders under new ownership following Dan Snyder exit

In the realm of sports, the winds of change can sweep through a franchise, breathing new life and propelling it towards uncharted horizons. Such is the case with the Washington Commanders, as they prepare to embark on a transformative journey under the ownership of Josh Harris. 

Josh Harris, co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, has unveiled his audacious blueprint for the franchise following his exclusive acquisition worth $6.05 billion. With the departure of Dan Snyder from the ownership role, he firmly believes that a change in leadership will address the team’s financial woes and reignite its prospects on and off the field.

ESPN recently gained access to a secret document that was carefully created by Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment and its advisors. This document provides valuable insights into the exciting vision presented by Josh Harris. It shows that Harris firmly believes that removing Snyder as the owner will bring about significant positive changes. These changes include a boost in the number of people attending games, more ticket sales, increased revenue from sponsorships, and a greater chance of getting a modern stadium for the team.

Josh Harris

The Commanders’ leadership is particularly optimistic about the prospects offered by Virginia, which presents a tantalizing incentive package of up to $1.5 billion for their future home. Such a monumental investment would nearly double the unprecedented $750 million in public funds Nevada allocated towards the construction of the Raiders’ new stadium back in 2017.

Titled “Commanders Investment Opportunity” and spanning an extensive 43 pages, this prospectus not only grants a rare glimpse into the financial intricacies of an NFL club but also underscores the unique nature of the Commanders’ situation, necessitating the involvement of limited partners. The document was a persuasive tool to present the opportunity to potential investors who could join forces with Harris in this ambitious venture. 

Commanders’ Financial Prospects Can Soar Under Josh Harris Ownership

Dated March 2023, the prospectus provides a comprehensive overview of the Commanders’ present financial standing, outlines both conservative and optimistic scenarios for the 2031-32 season, and incorporates projections that account for the construction of a new stadium. 

According to the prospectus, the Commanders generated $173 million in local revenue during the previous season. Harris’ conservative estimate predicts that this amount will double, reaching $380 million by the 2031-32 season. Should the team successfully secure a new stadium, revenue projections soar even higher, potentially reaching an impressive $466 million that year.

Josh Harris

As the Commanders undergo a momentous transition, shedding the weight of their financial burdens, a beacon of hope emerges in the form of Josh Harris. Armed with a comprehensive plan, Harris sets his sights on resurrecting the team’s revenue streams and restoring its position as an NFL powerhouse. With the exit of Dan Snyder marking a new chapter in the Commanders’ history, the potential for exponential growth and prosperity is within reach. 

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