“The best heavyweight in the f**king world”: Jake Paul welcomes ex-UFC champion Francis Ngannou to PFL

Francis Ngannou finally made the thrilling announcement today that he had signed a deal with the Professional Fighters League after much uncertainty and anticipation in the last four months. Jake Paul was among the first few people to promptly congratulate the heavyweight fighter on Twitter. 

What did Jake Paul say to Francis Ngannou for joining PFL?

The same agreement Francis made with PFL also applies to Jake Paul. The PFL PPV Super Fight division mandates that each combatant receive half of the overall purse from a bout. Ngannou and Jake previously spoke about the fighter’s payment issue. Now that Ngannou has joined in the same promotion, Jake appears to be happy. 

“Francis, welcome to the PFL. Everybody, it is official. This is massive, massive, massive, massive news in MMA. We have some huge fights on the horizon.” Jake said. 

Now that The Predator is on The Problem Child’s side, bigger things seem to be in store for Jake. His strategy’s specifics are yet unknown, but recent developments indicate that the younger Paul brother is open to a significant amount of collaboration with other top mixed martial arts organizations. Jake had earlier praised the Cameroonian fighter for choosing to sign with PFL. 

“Congratulations, Francis, you deserve this. The best heavyweight in the f*cking world to the PFL, and PFL Africa is going to be massive. So excited. Let’s go.” Jake added. 

What role does Jake Paul play in the PFL?

In an effort to level up his combat sports game, the YouTuber-turned-boxer joined the Professional Fighters League and entered the realm of mixed martial arts earlier this year. Since then, Jake is one of the biggest stars to join the UFC rival organization.

The Problem Child hasn’t yet competed in a bout under the banner of PFL yet. However, with the multi-year, multi-fight contract with the Professional Fighters League, Jake undoubtedly raised the bar for influencers who switched to pro boxing lately.

Paul is not only scheduled to fight several matches but also accepted the position of Head of Fighter Advocacy for this newly formed MMA promotion. Given the role he plays, Jake’s excitement at the Ngannou deal is justified. 

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