Conor McGregor takes cheeky jab at Michael Chandler ahead of comeback bout at UFC: “You’re getting crushed, pal”

UFC fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the highly anticipated comeback of Conor McGregor, who is set to return to the octagon this year in a fight against Michael Chandler.

Despite McGregor’s prolonged absence from the sport, the Irish superstar has remained a prominent figure in the UFC, and his upcoming clash with Chandler has been highly anticipated.

In the lead-up to their fight, both fighters have engaged in some pre-fight trash-talking, with Chandler even going as far as predicting a KO victory in the second round.

However, McGregor has remained unfazed by his opponent’s bravado, and he has vowed to “crush” Chandler when they finally face off in the octagon.

While McGregor has been out of action for nearly two years, he has been keeping busy by taking part in the filming for the coaching portion of their clash, which forms part of the latest series of The Ultimate Fighter.

Despite the trash-talking and hype, there is still no official date set for the highly anticipated grudge match. With both fighters eager to prove their superiority, fans can expect a thrilling and hard-fought contest.

Conor McGregor

While Chandler is confident in his abilities and believes that size will be in his favor on fight night, McGregor’s quick hands and unorthodox fighting style may prove to be too much for the American to handle.

Conor McGregor is ready to make a big comeback

Regardless of the outcome, the stage is set for an unforgettable showdown between two of the biggest names in UFC history.

“I don’t see this fight lasting more than two rounds,” he said in an interview with ESPN MMA when discussing his next fight against McGregor. “My ‘Mystic Mike’ prediction is that I finish him in the second round by KO; clean KO, his head bounces off the canvas. He’s put on some size, but he hasn’t carried that size.

McGregor has promptly responded to his opponent’s remarks on Twitter, stating “You’re getting crushed, pal.” This is not their first disagreement, as they reportedly had a conflict while filming The Ultimate Fighter, which has now been resolved but will be featured on the show.

McGregor must deliver a better performance against his opponent if he hopes to reverse his recent form, having won only one of his last four UFC fights. Nevertheless, he has expressed his confidence and predicted that he will be the one to finish the contest early.

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