Conor McGregor’s buddy Dillon Danis claps back to WWE announcer Kayla Braxton saying “your dad should have pulled out”

Logan and Jake Paul’s longstanding internet feud with Dillon Danis has escalated to a point where both Logan and Dillon have expressed a desire to physically confront each other. There are speculations that Dillon might be trying to back out, causing concern in the wrestling world about their upcoming clash at SummerSlam.

Things took a heated turn after Kayla Braxton publicly criticized Dennis’ match and his girlfriend’s actions, leading to an online spat between the two. The 34-year-old athlete responded with a cold retort to the announcer, making it clear that the battle is far from over.

Dillon Danis brutally claps back to WWE announcer Kayla Braxton’s statement

Dillon Danis and YouTuber “Logan Paul” have finally decided to settle their long-running internet feud with a boxing battle. The tension between Logan and Dillon leading up to their upcoming battle has reached shockingly high levels, with Dillon even targeting The Maverick’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, in provocative online posts.

With both fighters committed to the fight, the stakes have been raised significantly.However, the drama doesn’t end there. WWE broadcaster Kayla Braxton has now entered the fray, publicly addressing the ongoing speculation that Danis might pull out of the contest. Braxton had heard rumors that Danis had already withdrawn, prompting her to take to Twitter to seek confirmation.

Kayla Braxton used her X (Twitter) post to poke mild fun at Dillon saying, “Dillon Danis pulled out?! Hahahaha! Probably smart. After all this harassment of his girl, I’d be willing to bet Logan was going to turn his face into ground beef”.

Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis’s fight scheduled for October 14 in Manchester has generated significant attention, and as of now, he has not withdrawn from the bout. To ensure his commitment, his contract includes a penalty clause of $100k in case of withdrawal.

Danis did come across Kayla Braxton’s tweet, even though she didn’t directly mention him in it. His response was perceived as rude and insensitive, which is particularly notable given that Kayla Braxton has a history of being in foster care.

“I have not pulled out, but your dad should have”, Danis Replied to Kayla’s tweet.

Logan Paul alleges Dillon Danis is using Nina Agdal’s lawsuit to escape their fight

Despite his recent success at SummerSlam, Logan Paul is planning to continue his fighting career. On October 14 in Manchester, he will fight again, this time against Dillon Danis. On Twitter, Logan Paul publicly shamed Danis by calling him “a parasite” and otherwise trashing him.

Dillon Danis

Paul has claimed that Dillon Danis is avoiding the battle because he is worried about a lawsuit from Nina Agdal, saying the lawsuit was only an “excuse” for Danis’s cowardice before the fight. Danis’s post about not wanting to engage in a legal battle due to the ongoing legal issues has caught Logan’s attention. Despite the potential legal complications, Logan remains enthusiastic about the upcoming fight. Whether Danis shares the same level of excitement remains uncertain.

Though Danis confirmed that he will surely appear against Logan on 14th October. If Dillon Danis backs out, former UFC fighter ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry is ready to step in as a replacement. What do you care about more, the replacement or the conclusion of their genuine battle? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.


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