Who is former WWE star Mandy Rose discussing possible in-ring pro wrestling return?

Mandy Rose, also known as Amanda Rose in the ring, has transitioned into a successful model after her WWE career ended nearly nine months ago. Her rise to fame in WWE came when she formed an alliance with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, capturing the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.

The trio achieved recognition by winning various titles in their division. While it remains uncertain whether she will return to professional wrestling, her modeling career has brought her substantial earnings that could make her reconsider a return to the WWE ring if a lucrative offer were to be extended.

Who is former WWE star Mandy Rose?

Mandy Rose, also known as Amanda Saccomanno, is a multi-talented individual. She has made a name for herself as a wrestler, TV host, fitness competitor, and model. Her journey to stardom began in the fitness industry and later led her to victory in WWE Tough Enough.

In WWE, she formed alliances with Sonya Deville and Paige, creating the group Absolution. Her tag team partnership with Sonya Deville has been a notable part of her wrestling career.

Mandy Rose

After 413 days as champion, she was disqualified and forced into retirement because of negative crowd reaction. Her success on OnlyFans has provided her with the means to support her family and explore new professional and personal opportunities. Despite the controversies during her time in WWE, many have speculated that she could become the next ‘Trish Stratus’ in women’s wrestling.

Fans are eager for her return, especially with the recent unexpected comebacks of veteran wrestlers in WWE. In a recent interview with TMZ, she discussed her career, finances, and plans to make a comeback, much to the excitement of her devoted fans.

Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose lays out possible plan for in-ring pro wrestling return

In her interview with TMZ, Rose acknowledges the impact WWE had on her career but emphasizes that she doesn’t feel the need to continue her career with the company. She values the personal connection with her fans on OnlyFans and is using the income to support her family’s business as they relocate.

Rose’s success in adult modeling on OnlyFans has brought her a ‘life-changing’ boost in financial security. Her accomplishments outside of wrestling demonstrate that athletes can find happiness in alternative fields despite their deep commitment to the sport.

During the interview, she also revealed her status as a free agent. Thanks to her fan page and OnlyFans, she enjoys independence and is thoroughly enjoying life outside of professional wrestling. While she is currently dedicated to other pursuits, she doesn’t entirely rule out a return to wrestling, provided the right opportunity arises.

“I am a free agent now. If the right call comes around and I feel like making an appearance and coming back to any wrestling federation out there, I’m not saying it’s a ‘no,’ but right now I’m pretty busy. It has to be the right call”.

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