Dillon Danis brutally fires back at Logan Paul’s ‘federal crime’ accusation with ‘coward’ and ‘rat’ statement

Dillon Danis has been trolling Paul on Twitter ever since their October 14 fight was confirmed for the KSI vs. Tommy Fury undercard. Danis has made countless jibes about his next opponent’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. The older Paul brother didn’t let Danis get away with disrespecting his partner and made the Bellator star flinch by pretending to throw a bottle of PRIME at him during their first meeting.

The Maverick even tried using El Jefe’s means of trolling but it backfired due to the nature of the claims being highly speculative. However Logan Paul has now accused Danis of committing a federal crime and the former MMA fighter has responded.

Logan Paul accuses Dillon Danis of a ‘federal crime’

During the mandatory DAZN face-to-face held before their ring encounter, Logan Paul trolled Danis for failing to show up, claiming he “locked himself in his room.” However, he did show up, but the MMA fighter is regretted that decision.

In a recent twitter post, Logan Paul revealed that he watched the session with Dillon Danis when it was uploaded on YouTube, but later realized that the video was edited and had 10 minutes of footage missing.

Logan says that Dillon contacted DAZN to cut out the parts in which the former MMA fighter was literally struggling to speak and was big-time stuttering. Apart from this, Paul also claimed that Dillon had DAZN cut out the part where Danis was incriminating himself of a federal crime. The federal crime that Paul is referring to in the video is Danis agreeing to having the explicit picture of Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, in bed.

Logan, throughout the face-to-face with Dillon Danis, said that Danis is lying about having the picture, whereas Danis, during the face-to-face, accused Logan of making a call to DAZN, threatening to cancel the fight, which apparently is the reason for Dillon Danis not posting the alleged explicit picture of Agdal.

Dillon Danis fires back at Logan Paul’s ‘federal crime’ accusation

It didn’t take long for El Jefe to reply to the claims of Paul accusing him of committing a federal crime. Dillon Danis threw heavy punches at Paul, calling him a pussy and a rat, and stated that a coward like him has to resort to the law to save his self-image and that of his fiancée.

Danis further claims that no federal crime has been committed and that Paul is listening to nothing but lies from his fiancée. El Jefe further said that everything he’s said and posted is in public and available on Google.

The online feud between Danis and Paul has been going on from months now and it doesn’t look like it will settle anytime soon until they box it out on October 14. Tell us in the comments your thoughts on whether Danis committed a federal crime or not?


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