Cowboys’ Isaac rides on the NFL’s International Player Pathway program from Mexico

Recently scouts invited Cowboys’ Isaac Alarcon to the NFL’s International Player Pathway program in Florida. One year ago the offensive lineman thought his career was over due to a massive surgery. 

Isaac said in an interview, “I thought I had lost it all. I didn’t feel strong or agile. How was I going to recover?” But nothing could stop him from doing so. He worked harder than ever before, kept creating new milestones for himself. 

Being impressed with his hard work and recovery scouts invited him to the NFL’s International Player Pathway Program. This very program has a goal of showcasing players from outside the US and to appreciate their profound dedication. 

“We want the best athletes in the world playing here, regardless of where they’re from, Mexico has some of the most mature football programs compared to other parts of the world”-said Damani Leech, Chief operating officer of NFL International.

Alarcon belongs to a Mexican family obsessed with baseball and football. Therefore, since his childhood, he has developed a liking towards sports with his brothers. Isaac got a late start relatively.

But one year ago everything seemed to be over soon.

He underwent surgery to remove a cyst in his lower back and he could not do practice for more than two months. Due to his diet change, he lost 25 pounds and found himself unfit and being knocked over. 

For now, he is concentrating on becoming a better version of himself with follow up improvements. He smiled and said, ”Now the only thing I’m eager about is that I want to go out there and hit someone.” Best wishes for the comeback Isaac!

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