Cowboys owner Jerry Jones pleased with HC Mike McCarthy’s impact, provides update on his future: “We’ll see how each game goes”

As for the future of head coach Mike McCarthy, Jerry Jones, who owns the Dallas Cowboys, is at the heart of the controversy. With respect to Mike McCarthy, Jones had at first taken a very cautious stance and believed that his coaching should be evaluated over time.

However, now that the Cowboys are playing well and have had a fantastic season with 12 victories, a No. 2 seed, and an NFC East championship, Jones has rediscovered faith in the head coach and has updated his previous beliefs.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sheds light on Mike McCarthy’s future

Clearing all the uncertainties regarding Mike McCarthy’s future as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones came forward and clarified his stance on the situation. Jones stated that he is really pleased with his current performance as the head coach, especially after the team has been doing so well. He also clarified that Mike McCarthy is also signed until next year and is not leaving anytime soon.

“I was a little surprised,” Jones said. “I don’t know how I could be any clearer. Coach McCarthy is under contract for next year. So, that’s not an issue. Secondly, I couldn’t be more pleased with what he’s done, and how he’s coached. … I certainly haven’t sat down here right in the middle of the playoffs and started talking to him about a contract. Why would you do that?”

“And by the way, he’s the busiest cat in all of Texas. … So, the last thing that I want to do is spend any time talking with him about these kinds of things, on agreements, extension of agreements, especially when I’ve got one. So, that’s it.”

Cowboys performances under Mike McCarthy

With Mike McCarthy as their head coach, the Dallas Cowboys have gone through a complete transformation. Thanks to Mike’s strategic decisions, the Cowboys have bounced back from a situation where they were struggling to where they are perceived as a very strong team. The metrics also support Mike McCarthy, as the Dallas Cowboys have a 42-25 record, three consecutive 12-win seasons, and two division titles under his coaching.

Although Jones is really pleased with the results McCarthy has brought for the team, he is now eager to watch how the team will fare in the playoffs. In recent years, we have seen the Cowboys struggle to advance past the Divisional Round.

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This could change this year, especially with how strong the Dallas Cowboys are playing, and the momentum could really help them cross this hurdle. As the Cowboys enter the playoffs as the NFC’s second seed, McCarthy will be in the spotlight to guide the team to reach the coveted NFC Championship Game.

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