Cristiano Ronaldo stimulates Tom Brady not to hang up his boots resulting in marital woes with wife Gisele Bündchen

As Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen’s marriage is coming to an end, fans over the world are eagerly digging deeper to exploit the exact reason behind their marital woes, and the most recent theory suggests one of the greatest soccer players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo’s involvement in this saga.

It is reported that Tom Brady and his wife are now hiring lawyers to finalize their divorce after living separately for months. Even though Tom’s change of mind regarding his retirement from football appeared to be the reason behind this major fallout, fans are not done coming up with theories.

The craziest theory till now has to be this one, former Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo influencing Tom Brady to re-evaluate his retirement decision, which ultimately destroyed his marriage.

How fans are linking Ronaldo with Brady’s marital woes?

A month after announcing his retirement from football, Tom Brady went to see Manchester United’s game against Tottenham in the Premier League at Old Trafford, where he saw Cr7 net a hat-trick and win it for his current and boyhood club, Manchester United.

The two did meet each other after the game when Tom went down to the pitch to congratulate the Portuguese. Ronaldo was then seen asking Tom if he would really retire now. Tom only made a gloomy face in reply.


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Seeing Cristiano maintain his GOAT status in a game like soccer at the age of 37 has made Tom believe he can still give something to football despite being 45. So, just a few hours after their meetup, Brady decided to overturn his decision of retiring saying “These last two months I have realized that my place is still on the pitch and not in the stands. That time will come, but it’s not now.”

Poor Tom, only if he knew his marriage was practically over just then. Giselle has always wanted Tom to be more involved with the family. Tom too, has previously said how football is affecting his personal times with his family. Although, it never stopped Tom from continuing his career. Even when he initially announced his retirement, he said he won’t be able to give his 100% in near future. So, his announcement of returning to the turf at the age of 45 made Giselle finally decide to separate from him

Tom’s obsessive nature still seem to be the reason behind his marital woes. But Tom going to see Ronaldo’s game soon after announcing his retirement and re-evaluating it right after seeing Ronaldo still being the match winner for his team at his age has sparked this new theory.


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