“You gonna eat my banana” Lando Norris mocks Daniel Ricciardo’s hilarious kart racing feats

The McLaren Racing team’s Formula One journey is about to get some tough competition at this time of the year as they are struggling to remain in the top five list of the constructors’ championship for the second consecutive season, which is why their drivers like Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo are going through an unbefitting situation.

On the other hand, the only driver on the pit lane that gets away with everybody is perhaps Daniel Ricciardo. Additionally, Max Verstappen, the current world champion, and Daniel had a rivalry in 2018, yet the two still remain friends. That is the man’s aura. In order to pilot alongside Lando Norris, he first joined McLaren in 2021. Although the relocation may not have been successful for him, their friendship grew throughout this period.

To ease things up, McLaren decided to involve their two main drivers in a funny ‘Mario Kart’ game, where Lando and Daniel played together with much laughter and excitement. In the middle of the game, when the Brit was dominating over the Aussie, the latter continued to distract Norris from his concentration, which caused him (Norris) to say, “You gonna eat my banana at the apex of the game.”

The two have frequently been spotted having fun while taking on tasks for McLaren. Mario Kart is one of the most well-known racing sports in the world, and Ricciardo and Norris were seen switching off races on the circuit.

Like in Formula 1, Lando Norris totally dominated his colleague and came out on top. Daniel lost, but his quick impersonation of Chris Pratt, the Hollywood actor who appeared in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, won hearts.

The pair knows how to keep themselves occupied, whether it’s a kiddo bounce race in the United Kingdom or playing ball before the Singapore Grand Prix. There were some speculations that the two had a rift, but Lando dispelled them. The two may have competed against one another in the driving simulator, but in order for McLaren to reach P4 in the championship, they will need to work together.

Prior to the Singapore GP, Alpine was poised to place fourth in the constructor’s championship. But following McLaren’s double points victory and Alpine’s twin DNF at Marina Bay, everything changed. Which is why the history of Formula 1 tells us that things may happen very rapidly.

Last but not the least, Alpine’s main driver Fernando Alonso assured all that he believes there will be several weekends when they can outperform them (McLaren) by a few points and they will perform worse than some others and in Singapore, he believed, stood out since there was a significant point loss there. But at the same time, he anticipates that until Abu Dhabi, things will be quite tight.


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