Dallas radio host atones for insensitive joke ‘We could use an injury’ on San Francisco 49ers’ RB Christian McCaffrey

The San Francisco 49ers will take on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Both teams were in red-hot form this year. However, having an extra victory in the regular season and a mind-blowing eleven-match winning streak, including the massive Wild Card victory over the Seahawks, the 49ers are in a different league. All players have contributed equally to bring the 49ers to this stage, including running back Christian McCaffrey.

McCaffrey, throughout his career, has massively struggled with many injuries. In the last two seasons. The RB only played ten games due to his shoulder, ankle, and hamstring injuries. However, this season coming into the 49ers team, Christian did not disappoint his fans and played all of the regular season matches as he was healthy throughout the tournament. 

With the San Francisco team in such a great nick and their player being healthy, opponents like the Cowboys have a lot to worry about. They must bring their “A” game to win this exciting contest. Yet, some fans do not care about high-voltage games and only desire to see their team emerge victors. Dallas radio hosts Bryan Broaddus and Gavin Dawson “cracked a joke” where they wished Christian McCaffrey would be injured so the Cowboys could win easily.

What did the radio hosts say about Christian McCaffrey?

In the show, both of the hosts speak in a sarcastic tone. While the conversation was regarding the Divisional Round, co-host Bryan Broaddus said about Christian, “He’s healthy now. In Carolina he couldn’t stay healthy, now he never gets hurt.”

Gavin Dawson added, “We could use an injury, we really could, Yeah, hamstring would be good.”


Many fans were outraged by such statements and bashed the radio hosts on Twitter. Afterward, Bryan Broaddus apologized, saying, “Player has a history of not being healthy or available for his team. He’s done a great job of taking care of that while in SF. Would never wish that on any player. I worked in this league way too long for that.”

Even though it was all fun and games for the Dallas radio hosts, they should have considered the fans’ sentiments. That being said, fans should also realize they were only joking, and nothing serious was intended in the show.  

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