‘Everything we’ve done…completely legal’ Philadelphia Eagles K Jake Elliott disputes field goal cheating allegation following 48-22 victory vs New York Giants

The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the New York Giants in an exciting Divisional round match this Saturday. The Eagles have defeated the Giants twice in the regular season games. In the second game, the margin of defeat was only six points. On the other hand, in the first, the Giants were humiliated with a twenty-six points margin, the score being 22-48!

Now that the two teams will collide for a “round three,” the fans’ memories of the first two games are constantly being brought up. One of the most famous cases occurred in the first- while the Eagles made the Giants look small, there were allegations of cheating. 

While Jake Elliott scored twelve points with two out of his two kicks- an incredible 100% success rate- many fans claim that the kicker cheated as a match official in the game pointed out that holder Arryn Siposs utilized an object in his attempt to slightly elevate the ball off the ground, which is against the rules of the competition.

Jake Elliott kicking the ball.

However, Jake Elliott, the kicker, completely denies such allegations made against him and the Eagles team.

What did Jake Elliott say?

In an interview, Jake talks about the first game against the Giants and clarifies what happened on the field. Elliott goes on to say, 

“We’ve always used something that’s within the rules. It’s just literally to mark the spot. It’s part of the playing surface, like a piece of grass or something like that. When we talked to [the league], we explained what we were doing, and they saw what we were doing. Probably 30 teams do it around the league. It’s just a point of emphasis, and someone makes it bigger than it is. Everything we’ve done has been completely legal.”

What do you think is Jake Elliott right or is he lying? Share your thoughts in the comment section and stay tuned for an incredible Divisional match!


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