‘Don’t you want Super Bowls?’ Ex-NFL TE Rob Gronkowski brutally blasts Packers’ Aaron Rodgers following QB’s remark ‘I think I can win MVP’

Aaron Rodgers might have another beef! Despite his age, the quarterback wants to keep playing in the NFL. This is nothing new in the league – Tom Brady is now 45 and is older than some coaches – still plays.

Brady and Rodgers are quarterbacks, and playing that role is no easy cookie. Yet both seem to be confident enough to play another season. However, there is a significant difference between the two, and their statements prove it.

Brady repeatedly claims he is a team player and that winning the Super Bowl will bring him true satisfaction. On the other hand, in a recent interview, Rodgers went on to say that he can win another “MVP” if he plays next season, and with this statement, many people are calling him “selfish.” 

Moreover, after the Green Bay Packers lost their final game against the Lions, they were out of the tournament. Rodgers, since then, has been called in many shows afterward, as there were rumors that he will retire after this season. On “The Pat McAfee Show,” he once again claimed that he is fit enough to play and “can win MVP again in the right situation.”

Aaron Rodgers’ statement did not please a lot of people, including Rob Gronkowski, who went on to bash the QB brutally.

What did Rob Gronkowski say about Aaron Rodgers?

FanDuel TV’s “Up & Adams” show invited Rob, where he was shown Aaron’s statement and asked to share his opinion. The tight end seemed unimpressed with what he had heard and went on to say, “I’m totally fine with everything he said except for one major part — and that’s the ‘MVP again.’ Bro, why are you thinking MVP? Don’t you want Super Bowls?”

He further added, “Super Bowls are, I think, five times greater than an MVP award.”

Many fans are taking Gronkowski’s side and claiming that Rodgers is a selfish player who does not play for his team but for personal achievements.

On the other hand, Aaron might have played it safe this time with the “MVP” statements- throughout this regular season, Rodgers told everyone that he would win the Super Bowl for the Packers and later was brutally trolled. This might be why he talked about the “MVP” instead of the “Super Bowl.”

Whatever the case may be with Rodgers, Rob’s take on Aaron will certainly not please the quarterback. Thus, we might be in for another NFL beef!


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