Damar Hamlin Injury Update: Bills safety showing signs of swift recovery as he was seen breathing normally after breathing tube was removed

After long, intense anticipation, Damar Hamlin’s health is improving, according to several sources. The medical personnel noticed the significant improvement in the athlete yesterday.

Damar was taken to the intensive care unit on Monday night following a fight that resulted in cardiac arrest. Since then, he has been under constant supervision. Last night, we got some official confirmation of the 24-year-old student’s improved health.

What is the most recent Damar Hamlin update?

The best news is that Damar can now breathe on his own after having the breathing tube removed early Friday. According to his doctor, this is one of the most difficult steps they have taken. Hamlin even started to talk with peers eventually, though primarily he was only allowed to use the phone for texting.

Hamlin’s family and his close associates are still on the hospital premises. An assistant athletic trainer is also observing Hamlin’s recovery. Despite this promising development, the physicians have yet to find the cause of cardiac arrest. however, several specialist have assume the reason as ‘commotio cordis.’

The youngster is still in danger. He still has a long way to go before he is fully recovered. but with this swift recovery, his doctors are much more hopeful for their patient. Damar does not appear to be returning to the football field this season.

The Buffalo Bills already clinched the divisional title in the AFC East back-to-back three time. With the traumatic experience of the accident, they must face a difficult playoff battle. They have lost only three games so far, including the infamously postponed game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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