Damar Hamlin health update: Family representative claims he made ‘progress’ with ‘promising readings’ in ICU

New information regarding Damar Hamlin’s health has come to light recently, after a family representative spoke out with reporters.

The buffalo bills’ safety Damar Hamlin was taken to the intensive care unit after suffering a horrific injury during Monday night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. After a couple of perilous nights, finally, his status seems to be improving.

What is the current update on Damar Hamlin’s injury?

Hamlin’s family friend, Cum representative Jordon Rooney revealed the information to the reporters. “No clarity at the moment, how long things are going to take, how things are going to go. Still sedated and in a critical condition in the ICU,” Rooney said.

The family spokesperson previously corrected information about Damar’s uncle Dorrian Glenn being resuscitated twice. He assured the defender that he only resuscitated once on the field.

On Tuesday night, Uncle Glenn claimed his nephew suffered lung damage. “Right now there’s just trying to get him to breathe better. Right now he’s on a ventilator just to help with the breathing. He’s got a bit of lung damage from yesterday, but he was at 100 per cent on the ventilator helping him breathe, but now he’s at 50 per cent, so that’s a good thing,” Glenn said to a CNN reporter.

He continued, “He is still in ICU and sedated while they continue to administer medical treatment. I am thankful for the staff that have been working with him. My nephew is humble. He is going to be floored by the love. He is a genuine, positive guy from the toy drive to his coaching clinic.”

Is there anything else Jordon Rooney has said?

Jordon expressed the family’s disappointment in the online shaming of Tee Higgins last night. He said, “Damar’s parents were frustrated that Tee was receiving negative backlash, he’s reached out and supported Damar and his family.”

“It’s been incredible, made a tough situation a little bit easier. They’re so grateful, they’re always giving to others, they’re just saying how thankful they are,” he revealed the gratitude of the family to the massive support of the fans nationwide.

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