Damien Harris to be sidelined for a finger injury, threat for the next match

The 2020 NFL draft’s already proved to be different from many angles for the players. Either for health or safety protocols or for injury issues. Running back Damien Harris of New England even could not escape from it. He again studded with a major injury and has been sidelined for the last two practice sessions. And the game officials are having a doubt that it could threaten his participation as an opener for the ensuing season. This injury can be proved as a bad omen for the patriots as he is projected to have a very significant role for the coming season.

Harris, 23, is dealing with a severe hand injury, according to ESPN’s Mike Reiss. The report noted that he has missed two straight practices and that Harris’ status for the Patriots’ season opener — which will be played in Foxboro next weekend — is in a question already.

Last year, Harris did a record of rushing four times for a total of 12 yards. That came after a highly productive collegiate career at Alabama, where his rushing score was over 3,000 yards with 23 touchdowns on 477 carries, averaging 6.4 yards per rush. Harris also caught 52 passes for 407 yards and two touchdowns in college. Undoubtedly, the college career was also glorious for Harris!

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport expanded on Reiss’s report that, “New England Patriots running back Damien Harris, who is projected to have a significant role, has been sidelined with a hand injury that could threaten his availability for the season opener, according to a league source.”

On the contrary coach, Bill Belichick said this week on Sirius XM NFL Radio that it’s a minor issue and he is trying fully to recover from the injury. “Damien has had a really good camp. He came to camp in very good condition. He’s taken a lot of reps. He’s handled everything in the running game and passing game very well, which he did last year. I think everybody had a lot of confidence in him but they’ve all gained a lot more in him just because of his consistency and dependability.”

Damien Harris replacement

Now, there’s a big question that if Harris fails to play for the team this season, who will replace him? More precisely, who can be a blockbuster player like him? Newly-signed Lamar Miller or undrafted free agent J.J. Taylor might have an increased chance for that. Still not sure about this and everyone’s looking forward to Harris.

Hope he just survives the injury like many others in the past. The fans are waiting!

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