Dana White brutally flames reporter questioning “racial undertones” in Israel Adesanya, Dricus Du Plessis trash talk at UFC 290

Dricus Du Plessis shocked the world yesterday after knocking out former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker in the second round of UFC 290. Going into this three-round matchup, the South African middleweight was the underdog, and most people were expecting The Reaper to get an easy win.

However, DDP put on a terrific striking display and he significantly outstroke Whittaker. Speaking of the finishing sequence, Du Plessis dropped ‘Bobby Knuckles’ with a straight right. Thereafter Robert was unable to answer Dricus’ barrage of shots and as a result, the referee stopped the bout.

Dana White shuts down UFC Reporter’s “racial undertones” Question

Israel Adesanya stepped inside the octagon to face off against Dricus Du Plessis after the latter’s stoppage victory over Robert Whittaker at UFC 290. The middleweight champion was hyped up and subsequently called the South African fighter ‘n****r’ and ‘b***h’ repeatedly. After the conclusion of the PPV, Dana White was questioned about his thoughts on Izzy using racial undertones.

While speaking at the post-event press conference, Dana lashed out at the reporter for asking such a question and defended Izzy’s words during the faceoff, He’s black. Who gives a s**t? I could care less, this is the fight business. Israel Adesanya can say whatever he wants to say.”

Many fans online were unhappy with Adesanya’s behavior after his rival’s win at UFC 290. But neither Izzy nor the UFC President looked bothered by the reaction of the audience.

What happened between Israel Adesanya and Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 290

Israel Adesanya seems to hate the guts of Dricus Du Plessis and consequently, he wants to show the South African middleweight his place for his remarks during one of the media interviews.  Their bad blood was on full display yesterday as the two rivals engaged in a staredown at UFC 290.

Following, Du Plessis’ victory over Whittaker, Adesanya crashed the post-fight interview and exchanged heated words with the new number-one contender, “This is my African brother right here. Let’s go n***a. What’s up b***h? Let’s go n***a, yeah n***a. What’s up n****r? What the f*** you gonna do n****r? Yeah my African brother, yeah my African brother. What’s up n****r, yeah n****r”.

Du Plessis who looked frustrated responded by saying “I’m African but I ain’t no brother of yours.”

It is rather obvious that the two middleweights are hyped up to square off against each other inside the octagon. They have already started exchanging verbal barbs and it would be interesting to see how this rivalry and story plays out.


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