Dana White brutally mocked by fans after posting promotional video for his power slap league

Dana White literally started the year with a ‘Bang’ as he got into a slap fight with his wife Anne White during new years eve. Since then many events have unfolded and both parties have released statements announcing a potential resolution to the conflict. Fans however have not been so forgiving and they have continued mocking the UFC president.

Dana and his wife went to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to celebrate the new year. Both of them were surrounded by friends in the VIP lounge and began to indulge in alcohol. Soon, they were past their sober limits and became intoxicated under the influence of the ‘Devil in a bottle’.

Next, the UFC head honcho was seen whispering something into his wife’s ear to which Anne responded by slapping her husband straight across the face. Dana being the action-man he is, did not just take the hit lightly and retaliated in a similar fashion. An all-out MMA brawl almost broke out until the bystanders de-escalated the situation.

Such an incident as White is gearing up to launch his very own slapping contest this year. The Russian slapping contests that Dana is inspired by have some wild promotions but slapping your own wife? Now that’s next-level promotion!

How are fans reacting to Dana White?

Dana White seems to have resolved the issues with his wife and currently is trying to promote upcoming events. In pretty much all his posts, fans are referencing this even and poking fun at the 53-year-old.

Bilgehan Demir Wrote, “You and your wife slapping each other was a good commercial for the Power Slap contest. Congratulations Dana.”

Chris Bruno was annoyed with the ads, “Jammin up my feed with this crap again.”

Another fan referenced the famous Charles Oliveira line to have some fun, “The champ has a name and it’s Dana White.”

While fans are vigilant in going after the UFC president, Dana seems quite unfazed.


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