Dana White releases X-ray of horrific injury sustained by Istela Nunes at UFC Vegas 77

Istela Nunes suffered a terrible injury at UFC Vegas 77, and UFC President Dana White startled the public by revealing an X-ray image of the horrifying damage on July 16, 2023. The X-ray of Nunes’ left forearm, which she fractured during her battle at the occasion, showed a significant fracture. The incident occurred during a heated altercation with her opponent, resulting in a severe hit to her arm.

Mixed feelings were expressed by the MMA community in response to White’s choice to post the X-ray on social media. While some applauded him for bringing attention to the dangers fighters endure, others denounced it as being excessively detailed and an invasion of Nunes’ privacy.

Dana White shares injury update on Istela Nunes

After Istela Nunes competed in UFC Vegas 77, UFC President Dana White posted an important injury update on social media. Some fans were worried about Nunes’ safety after she sustained a terrible injury during the event.

An X-ray scan of Nunes’ left forearm from her bout at UFC Vegas 77 was included in the injury update, showing a serious fracture. The picture demonstrated the depth of the harm and emphasized the dangers and physical strain experienced by MMA competitors in the cage.

The MMA community had a mixed response to White’s revelation of the X-ray image. Some commended him for being open-minded and spreading knowledge of the inherent risks that fighters experience in the sport. They held the opinion that such updates serve to remind both spectators and competitors of the sacrifices made within the ring.

However, there was also criticism, with some contending that it was improper and a breach of Nunes’ privacy to share such explicit and private medical information without her approval.

How did Istela Nunes suffer such a horrific fate?

Istela Nunes competed against Viktoriya Dudakova in the preliminary round of UFC Vegas 77. When Nunes posted her arm in defense just 34 seconds into the fight, Dudakova viciously dislocated her elbow as she tried to take her down. The fight was immediately stopped due to the seriousness of the injury, and Dudakova emerged victorious via TKO.

The x-ray, which UFC president Dana White provided, shows that Nunes’ arm was seriously broken. The injury is described as a terrible arm break. Nunes has now suffered her fourth straight loss, and it is anticipated that it will take her a long time to heal from this terrible injury.

What is your take on this injury? Do you think she will still have a competitive form once she comes back? Share with us below!


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